Koula Project June 6, 2018

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20180427_Final Public Hearing Notice

June 6, 2018 (Presentation Hearing) 1:00 p.m.

20180606_Presentation Hearing Staff Report

HHC Witness List

HHC Exhibit List

Certificate of Services to HART

Exhibit A-Koula Application

Exhibit B-Notif. to Owners & Lessees

Exhibit C-PF Agrmnt for LBK 1 Prj 4

Exhibit D-1-Randle Mod. Writn Test.
Exhibit D-Race Randle Written Test.

Exhibit E-Todd Apo Written Testimony

Exhibit F-Sig Zane Written Testimony

Exhibit G-1-Witten Mod. Writn Test.
Exhibit G-2-Witten Curriculum Vitae
Exhibit G-Witten Writn Testimony

Exhibit H-1-Ferraro Curriculum Vitae
Exhibit H-Ferraro Written Testimony

Exhibit I-1-Akinaka Curriculum Vitae
Exhibit I-Akinaka Mod. Writn Testimony

Exhibit J-1-Kuwaye Curriculum Vitae
Exhibit J-Kuwaye Written Testimony

Exhibit K-1-Pascua Curriculum Vitae
Exhibit K-Pascua Written Testimony

Exhibit L-1-McDermott Curriculum Vitae
Exhibit L-McDermott Writn Testimony

Exhibit M-1-Brewbaker Curriculum Vitae
Exhibit M-Brewbaker Writn Testimony

Exhibit N-Takesue Written Testimony
Exhibit N-1-Takesue Curriculum Vitae 

Exhibit O-Koula Slide Presentation 1

Exhibit P-Koula Slide Presentation 2

Exhibit Q-Koula Slide Presentation 3

Exhibit R-Cons.-Resub. of Lot 1 3 4 &5

Exhibit S-Cons. App. for 107 109 & 110

Koula HHC First Amended Exhibit List

20180606_Exhibit T-1 20180606_

Exhibit T-2 20180606_

Exhibit T-3 20180606

Exhibit U-Block I Economic Impacts Slides

Testimony received by 06-05-2018 12p.m.