Small Business Regulatory Review Board

SBRRB board members during a meeting.

The Small Business Regulatory Review Board (SBRRB) was established on July 1, 1998, with passage of the Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Act. Subsequently, the role of the SBRRB was codified in Chapter 201M, Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS).

Responsibilities of the SBRRB include:

  • Commentary on small business impact statements to rule-drafting departments
  • Identifying and commenting on business impacts of existing administrative rules and regulations
  • Recommendations to the Governor, State Departments or the State Legislature regarding the need for an administrative rule or legislative change
  • Recommendations to the Mayors or County Councils regarding County rules
  • Review of small business petitions and complaints on business impact


The SBRRB makes recommendations to State Departments or the Legislature regarding the need for a rule change or legislation.

For requests regarding County rules, the SBRRB may make recommendations to the County Council or the Mayor for appropriate action.


Why are Small Businesses important?

  • Represent more than 98% of all businesses establishing in Hawaii
  • –Employees working in small businesses with less than 100 employees make up 57% of all employees in Hawaii

*Excludes self-employed individuals; The State of Hawaii Data Book 2017 – Characteristics of Business Establishments: 2004 to 2016




“The SBRRB volunteer members have a vital role to perform. Board members join in serving the people of Hawai‘i and most importantly represent their islands to support small business challenges and successes. We look forward to working with the Departments and helping to make positive and lasting changes to the small business community.”


Mahalo and Aloha,


Anthony Borge, Chair


~Anthony Borge, Chair