About Us

Make Hawaiʻi the most business friendly state in the nation.


We will work toward a regulatory environment that encourages & supports the vitality of small business in Hawaiʻi.


The Small Business Regulatory Review Board (SBRRB) reviews proposed new or amended rules that impact small businesses*.

*“Small business,” under Chapter 201M, is defined, in part, as a for-profit enterprise consisting of fewer than one hundred full-time or part-time employees.


How we can help YOU:

    • We review new and existing rules in conjunction with an impact statement on small business
    • We review all rules that affect small businesses before and after public hearings, followed by our recommendations to the Governor
    • We act as a resource to the State Legislature, State Departments and Counties regarding the small business impact of new laws, rules and ordinances
    • We can also organize and hold conferences on problems affecting small businesses


We work with these State Departments:

      • Accounting & General Services
      • Agriculture
      • Budget & Finance
      • Business, Economic Development & Tourism
      • Commerce & Consumer Affairs
      • Education
      • Hawaiian Home Lands
      • Health
      • Human Services
      • Labor and Industrial Relations / HIOSH
      • Land and Natural Resources
      • Public Safety
      • Taxation
      • Transportation
      • Office of the Attorney General
      • Office of the Lieutenant Governor
      • Public Utilities Commission
      • University of Hawai‘i