About Us

Make Hawaiʻi the most business friendly state in the nation.


We will work toward a regulatory environment that encourages & supports the vitality of small business in Hawaiʻi.


The Small Business Regulatory Review Board (SBRRB) reviews proposed new and amended rules that impact small businesses*.

*“Small business,” under Chapter 201M, is defined, in part, as a for-profit enterprise consisting of fewer than one hundred full-time or part-time employees.


Responsibilities of the SBRRB include:

  • Commentary on small business impact statements to rule-drafting departments
  • Identifying and commenting on business impacts of existing administrative rules and regulations
  • Recommendations to the Governor, State Departments or the State Legislature regarding the need for an administrative rule or legislative change
  • Recommendations to the Mayors or County Councils regarding County rules
  • Review of small business petitions and complaints on business impact


The SBRRB considers any request from small business owners for review of any rule adopted by a state agency and makes recommendations to State Departments or the Legislature regarding the need for a rule change or legislation.
For requests regarding County rules, the SBRRB may make recommendations to the County Council or the Mayor for appropriate action.


How we can help YOU:

    • We review new and existing rules in conjunction with an impact statement on small business
    • We review all rules that affect small businesses before and after public hearings, followed by our recommendations to the Governor
    • We act as a resource to the State Legislature, State Departments and Counties regarding the small business impact of new laws, rules and ordinances
    • We can also organize and hold conferences on problems affecting small businesses

Visit the Small Business Resources web page for more information on how we can help you!


We work with these State Departments:

      • Accounting & General Services
      • Agriculture
      • Budget & Finance
      • Business, Economic Development & Tourism
      • Commerce & Consumer Affairs
      • Education
      • Hawaiian Home Lands
      • Health
      • Human Services
      • Labor and Industrial Relations / HIOSH
      • Land and Natural Resources
      • Public Safety
      • Taxation
      • Transportation
      • Office of the Attorney General
      • Office of the Lieutenant Governor
      • Public Utilities Commission
      • University of Hawai‘i