Board Members

The SBRRB members volunteer their time by reviewing rules and regulations, attending state agency meetings, making presentations, performing outreach activities to small business organizations, and commenting on legislation. The Board is scheduled to meet monthly, and is administratively attached to DBEDT.

Statutorily, the SBRRB is comprised of eleven members – ten current or former owners or officers of businesses from across the State, and the Director of DBEDT or the Director’s designated representative, who serves as an “ex officio” board member.
Aside from DBEDT’s Director, the board members, with the advice and consent of the Senate, are appointed by the Governor. Three members are appointed from a list of nominees submitted by the President of the Senate, three members are appointed from a list of nominees submitted by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, two members are appointed by the SBRRB, and two members are appointed by the Governor.
The appointments reflect a representation of a variety of businesses in the State with no more than two members from the same type of business and at least one representative from each county. In addition, nominations are solicited from small business organizations, state and county chambers of commerce and other interested business organizations.


Anthony Borge

Anthony Borge
Honolulu County
Robert Cundiff

Robert Cundiff
Honolulu County
Vice Chair
Garth YamanakaGarth Yamanaka
Hawaii County
2nd Vice Chair


Honolulu County

Nancy Atmospera-WalchNancy Atmospera-Walch


Harris NakamotoHarris Nakamoto


Maui County

Kauai County

Mary AlbitzMary Albitz


William LydgateWilliam Lydgate




Director of DBEDT, or Designated Representative, Ex Officio Voting Member