Whitmore Community Food Hub Project

The Whitmore Community Food Hub Project encompasses all ADC activities to revitalize agriculture in the Wahiawa area and will provide the following solutions:

  • Agriculture-Technology Park to house software and manufacturing companies that develop technology and equipment for farmers.
  • Agriculture land to be available where farmers could obtain long-term leases to invest in their company.
  • Rent credits to be considered for farmers per agreements with ADC.
  • A centralized location to decrease costs, time of transportation, and shipping.
  • Existing facilities to be retrofitted to comply with the handling, preparation, and storage regulations.
  • Arable land to be converted into active land and achieve scale and diversity of products.
  • Co-op opportunities to leverage the high cost of equipment and supplies.
  • Workforce housing to be developed to encourage farm labor participation.
  • Public-private partnerships to be explored to incentivize participation in agricultural development.
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