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Sign up for our mailing listWe provide economic forecasts that contribute to long-term statewide planning. READ collects, compiles, interprets and posts data and statistics on all aspects of business activity, the economy and demographic characteristics of the State. READ also creates research reports on the economy and emerging industries of the state. READ provides the statistical and economic foundation for the State’s HIGrowth Initiative.

For beginning users and casual researchers, start with Hawaii Facts & Figures, the Hawaii State Data Book, or the extensive Hawaii Census Data section. Tourism (Visitor Industry) statistics are in a separate category. Economic trends, statistics and insights into Hawaii’s economy through various publications are also available.

Advanced researchers may want to check first to see if State economists have already analyzed data and issued a report on your subject matter. You can also do-it-yourself and get custom “information at your fingertips” using our datawarehouse tool. A number of analytic tools are also available in the form of time series data, GIS mapping tools, and economic modeling tools. If you are interested in how Hawaii compares to other states try here.

The Research and Economic Analysis Division is administered by Dr. Eugene Tian, Chief State Economist. Dr. Joseph Roos heads the Economic Analysis Branch and Dr. Y.S. Kim is the Branch Chief of the Statistics and Data Support Branch.


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February 3, 2016 Monthly Economic Indicators – December 2015
December 21, 2015 County Social, Business and Economic Trends in Hawaii: 1990 to 2014
November 30, 2015 Residential Home Sales in Hawaii: Trends and Characteristics
September 29, 2015 Hawaii’s Electricity Industry: 2014 Analysis and Recent Trends PDF Icon