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Economic overview

Annual trends and performances of Hawaii economy based on GDP, personal income, CPI, and industry level job and earning data

Latest population estimates, long-term trends and characteristics of population and housing, and links to migration information sites
Tourism market

Historic trends and monthly performance of Hawaii tourism market for the state and by island, and market specific performance and characteristic
Daily passenger counts

Data and graphical analysis of daily counts of passengers to Hawaii, available by destination island and departure country
Labor market

Monthly labor market performance by sector for overall state economy and by county, based on job and employment statistics from BLS and DBEDT
Housing market

Monthly median price and inventory of resale market, sale activities by residency of buyers for both resale and new sales, and trends of building permits
Energy sector

Summary of Hawaii’s energy sector based on monthly and annual data, including electricity, transportation, environment, and efficiency
Agriculture sector

Summary of Hawaii agriculture sector based on the data from Census of Agriculture and annual farm activity data from BEA
Hawaii ranking

Graphic illustration of how Hawaii is doing compared to other states in major economic, social/demographic, and housing indicators
Area profiles

Interactive GIS maps presenting population and housing estimates, characteristics of population and households for legislative districts, counties, and census tracts, based on 5-year ACS
Hawaii’s generational economy

A generational framework elucidating and projecting the gaps between future needs and resources that arises as Hawaii’s populations ages
Genuine progress indicator

An indicator of economic welfare in Hawaii and an alternative way to capture social welfare benefits and costs not evident through GDP