Weekly Unemployment Updates

Summary of this week’s Initial Unemployment Claims

Weekly Unemployment Claims data by district (from August 2000)
Statewide trend of Initial Unemployment Claims (from August 2000)

Comparison of Initial Claims and Weeks Claimed with those of the previous year

Four-year graphic comparisons of Initial Claims

Additional benefits during COVID-19 pandemic
Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) provides up to 24 weeks of additional unemployment benefits to individuals who previously collected state or federal unemployment compensation but exhausted those benefits. Extended Benefits (EB) provide for an additional 13 weeks of benefits to those who have exhausted their PEUC.

View PEUC and EB filings here: Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Unemployment Weekly Claims data.

*Agent claims are filed in Hawaii against another state.
This page is updated every Thursday as weekly claims data become available from the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.