Monthly Economic Indicators

These monthly reports contain data on labor force and unemployment, wage and salary jobs, general fund tax revenue, building permits, single-family and condo resales, and visitor arrivals.

Historic Monthly Data
(spreadsheet format)

Current Economic Conditions Charts and Interactive Dashboard – New Labor Market Dashboard

DBEDT Economic Data Warehouse and Tourism Data Warehouse

The non-monthly series, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis’ State Personal Income and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Urban Hawaii Consumer Price Index (CPI) may be found in the Income and Prices section of the Quarterly Statistical and Economic Report page or you may use the links above.

Monthly Economic Indicators (MEI) through September 2021 was released on October 29, 2021, including recently-made-available Hawaii County building permits for July through September. It was updated on November 3rd with the BLS/DLIR seasonally-adjusted LAUS for Honolulu and Maui counties and revision to State and City & County of Honolulu building permits for August 2021.

Monthly Economic Indicators (MEI) through October 2021 will be released on/about November 29, 2021 and will be updated on December 2, 2021 to include the BLS/DLIR seasonally-adjusted LAUS for Honolulu and Maui counties.

NOTE:  Today’s MEI 2021-09 data will be available via Current Economic Conditions and Labor Market Dashboard, and Economic and Tourism Data Warehouses as the upload protocol permits.

COVID-19: Effects on the Economy