COVID-19 & Hawaii’s Economy

With expiration of Hawaii’s Safe Travel program on March 25, 2022, this DBEDT COVID information webpage will not be updated.  Final update of this page was done on March 24, 2022.

To monitor Hawaii’s economic conditions during the COVID-19 outbreak, DBEDT put together this dashboard to compile the most recent economic data. Readers can go to each section to see more detailed and historical data.

DBEDT has produced a brief report on how the pandemic has affected the labor market in Hawaii:
Hawaii’s Labor Market Impact During COVID-19 Acrobat file

DBEDT has produced a report on the economically vulnerable populations in Hawaii:
COVID-19 and the Economically Vulnerable Populations in Hawaii Acrobat file

Additionally, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Census Bureau has created two experimental, short-term surveys to help evaluate the effects of business closures and stay-at-home orders in the United States.
Click here to see the results from the Business and Household Pulse Survey for Hawaii.

DBEDT/READ collected daily inter-island passenger data between April 1 and June 13, 2020. Since June 14, 2020, the 14-day quarantine for inter-island travel was lifted and a new passenger form has been implemented by the Department of Health (DOH) and the data collection function has been taken over by DOH. Data between 4/1-5/29/2020 can be downloaded here (Excel Spreadsheet).

Weekly Economic Dashboard

DBEDT/READ has created a dashboard to track COVID-19 cases and economic activities at the county level. The dashboard is updated weekly and is available every Friday.
Click here for previous dashboards

Covid Economic Dashboard

Daily Visitor Arrival Updates, Weekly Unemployment, and Monthly Job Changes, Bankruptcy Filings, and Tax Revenue

Daily Passengers to Hawaii
As of March 24
Daily Visitor Arrivals to Hawaii
As of March 24
Domestic Passenger Count Comparison – 2019-2022
As of March 24
International Passenger Count Comparison – 2019-2022
As of March 24
Summary of Overseas Passenger Count Growth, Y-T-D, 2019 vs. 2022*
March – last updated March 24

Total Domestic Int’l Japan Other int’l
State -12.5% 9.4% -87.6% -96.7% -65.2%
Oahu 14.0%
Hawaii 5.2%
Maui 2.3%
Kauai 7.8%

*By March 26, 2020, total arrivals had fallen to below 1,000 per day; the number of arrivals on April 1, 2021 exceeded the total number of arrivals in all of April 2020. Accordingly, 2020 comparisons hold little value, and 2022 arrivals are compared with 2019 arrivals.

Int’l = international

Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims
Week Ending 3/19/2022
Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims
* Agent claims are filed in Hawaii against another state.
Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims – 2019-2022
Week Ending 3/19/2022
Change in Jobs – 2020 vs. 2021 and 2019 vs. 2021
Bankruptcy Filings, All Chapters – 2018 to 2022
General Fund Tax Revenue (in $1,000) – 2017 to 2022