Are there lists of businesses or manufacturers for the State of Hawaii?

There are two comprehensive directories of businesses in Hawaii and they are both called the
Hawaii Business Directory
. One is published locally. The other is published by a national company that does directories for all of the states.

The locally published
Hawaii Business Directory
lists over 45,000 businesses. The arrangement is alphabetical by name of business for each county. There is also a subject listing at the end of each county section.

Each entry includes:

  • Company name and address
  • Telephone and fax numbers
  • Officers and board of directors
  • Number of employees
  • Date business was established
  • Brief description of business
  • Gross annual sales volume

The sales figure is in broad ranges, i.e. under $500,000, 1/2 to 1 million, 1-5 million, etc. There are some statistical summaries of the business community at the beginning of the volume.

Hawaii Business Directory
published by American Business Directories has a coded descriptive entry for each establishment. The codes include credit ratings, estimated sales and employee size. The name of the owner or manager is also included. The information included in this volume is compiled from Yellow Pages, Business White pages, annual reports, SEC and newspaper information.

The advantage of this directory is the arrangement. The sections include businesses by city, businesses by yellow page category, major employers and publicly traded companies and manufacturers by city and SIC code.

There is a
Hawaii Manufacturers Directory
published by Manufacturers’ News, Inc., a mainland company. It contains the following sections: an alphabetical list of businesses, businesses by type of product, businesses by city or town, by SIC code and by parent company. This directory is not comprehensive and should be used in conjunction with other business directories.

Another often overlooked source of businesses, especially types of businesses, is the Yellow Pages. Their advantage is the contact information is usually the most current, but obviously there is nothing beyond name of company, address and telephone number.

The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs allows you to search for businesses registered in the State of Hawaii on the Internet. You can look businesses up one at a time for free and for a monthly fee, you can create customized reports.