Where do I find statistical information about employment, unemployment, jobs and the labor force in the State of Hawaii?

Employment and labor force statistics for the State of Hawaii are calculated by the Dept. of Labor and Industrial Relations. Monthly and annual statistics include the size of the civilian labor force, the number of persons employed, and the unemployment rate. These figures are available for the state, counties, islands and census tracts. The census tract data is available by request.

Statistics of employment by industry, by class of worker (eg. private, government) and by occupation are done by the U.S. Census Bureau during census years, which means every ten years. Depending on the statistic, the information is available from the state to census tract level. Data on the number of employees by industry are also included in the various economic censuses for Hawaii and County Business Patterns. The economic censuses are published every five years, the most recent year being 1997. The most recent County Business Patterns is 2000.

Another useful statistic is job count. It is calculated by industry for the state, counties and islands. Although this figure is different from employment, it can be used to give you a relative size of the labor force in particular industries and, as it is estimated monthly and tabulated annually, it fills an information gap between census years for industry employment.

The unemployment rate is calculated monthly for the State of Hawaii and each of the islands. There is also an annual rat

Additional labor force information can be found on the U. S. Census Bureau website in the American Factfinder under SF3 and in “Hawaii Census 2000” on the DBEDT website.