What types of housing statistics are available for the State of Hawaii?

The two types of housing statistics that appear on an annual basis are the number of building permits issued and the number of housing units in existence. These two figures answer inexactly and indirectly the question of how many houses are built each year.

The statistics for building permits show how many permits were issued, the value of these permits and whether the project is residential or nonresidential. They do not represent actual construction, as permits may be issued for projects that are delayed or never completed. They represent intended rather than actual construction activity.

Statistics on housing units tally the existing housing inventory. The data includes some condominium units. These statistics appear annually and distinguish owner occupied from renter occupied and vacant units. This information is also available for the counties. Subtracting the earlier year from the current year will tell you the number of units that have been added to the housing inventory. These units can be single family homes or apartment and condominium units.

Additional housing data can be found on the U.S. Census Bureau website, in Chapter 21 of the State of Hawaii Data Book and in “Hawaii Census 2000” on the DBEDT website.