2002 State Input-Output Study

This report updates the 1997 State Input-Output (I-O) Study for Hawaii (March 2002) using the latest available information for year 2002. The study provides detailed information on how the state’s industries interact to produce goods and services and generate jobs and income in Hawaii. I-O multipliers, which are the key results of the study, are central to economic impact analysis. Using I-O multipliers, we can determine how changes in one industry’s final demand, employment, and income can affect output (sales), employment, and income in the entire economy. By providing a number of diverse examples, the report also demonstrates the correct use of I-O multipliers in impact analyses under different situations.

Along with the report, two versions of I-O tables are also provided. One is composed of 67 industry sectors, while the other one is condensed, containing 20 sectors. The condensed table is used to describe and illustrate the I-O analysis in the report.