1997 Hawaii Input Output Study

Statewide Input-Output Study (1997)

The Hawaii Inter-County Input-Output Study: 1997 Benchmark Report

This report presents the Inter-County Input-Output (I-O) model for the State of Hawaii for 1997. This is the first time that an inter-county I-O model has been produced for the state. The inter-county model is an extension of the 1997 I-O model for the state. Besides showing the flows of goods and services among various economic sectors within each county, the inter-county I-O model also accounts for flows that occur among the various sectors between counties.

There are several advantages of the inter-county I-O model. First, by accounting for differences in consumption and production among counties, it can be used to better assess impacts of county-specific economic activities. Second, the inter-county model can provide a useful tool in assessing rural-urban linkages in the state economy and in identifying appropriate policies to promote economic growth in less-developed areas. Third, the inter-county I-O model provides an effective modelling framework for producing long-range economic and population forecasts for counties compared to the state I-O model. The inter-county I-O model presented here was used in the most recent update of the Hawaii long-range economic and population forecasts for the state and its counties.

The current model is based on the data from the 1997 Economic Census. When complete data for the 2002 Economic Census are available, the model will be updated to the latest data.