Small Area Data

Small area data are available through the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) 5-year estimates. The 5-year estimates are the average over the five-year period indicated by the release. The estimates include data for all Census Bureau geographies, with detailed data down to the census tract level. A list of topics covered by the ACS can be found here.

Available Geographies

  • State
  • Counties
  • Census designated places (CDPs)
  • Congressional and State Legislative districts
  • Metropolitan/Micropolitan Statistical Areas
  • Urban Areas
  • Public Use Microdata Sample Areas (PUMAs)
  • County Subdivisions
  • Hawaiian Home Lands
  • Census tracts
  • Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs)
  • Block groups (limited data)

Accessing Data

Data are available on Data can be viewed or downloaded as Excel files.

Quick Start Geography Searches

In the table below are quick start searches for the most requested geographies by county. Following the link will produce a data search for the geography indicated. From here, users can search for topics, years, or surveys to see all data available for that geography.

CountyTractCounty Designated PlacesZip Code Tabulation AreaCounty subdivisionState House districtsState Senate districtsHawaiian Home Lands
Hawaii CountySearchSearchSearchSearchSearchSearchSearchSearch
Honolulu CountySearchSearchSearchSearchSearchSearchSearchSearch
Kalawao CountySearchSearchNot applicableWith Maui CountyNot applicableWith Maui CountyWith Maui CountyWith Maui County
Kauai CountySearchSearchSearchSearchSearchSearchSearchSearch
Maui CountySearchSearchSearchSearchSearchSearchSearchSearch