DBEDT Organization Chart - Business Development & Support Division, Creative Industries Division, Foreign-Trade Zones Division, Research & Economic Analysis Division, and Administratively Attached Agencies


DBEDT Organization Charts (PDF)

DBEDT Functional Statements (PDF)

Divisions and Branches

Business Development & Support Division
The Business Development & Support Division (BDSD), promotes industry development and economic diversification in Hawaii by supporting existing and emerging industries, attracting new investment and businesses that can create more skilled, quality jobs in the state, and work to increase exports of Hawaii products and services. Business support provides new and existing businesses direct loans, licensing and permit information and referral, business advocacy, planning and coordination of programs and projects aimed at specific business sectors or economically-distressed areas (including rural areas and areas affected by natural disaster). For more information, please call (808) 587-2750 or visit: invest.hawaii.gov.

BDSD Branch Directory:
Business Development Branch
Phone: (808) 587-2750
Fax: (808) 586-2589

Creative Industries Division
The Creative Industries Division promotes the development and growth of Hawaii’s Creative Economy, whose primary sector is comprised of producers and service providers in film, video and digital media production, commercial and applied design firms, and a diverse range of creative (visual and performing) and cultural businesses in Hawaii. Surrounding this core sector are arts and cultural organizations, service organizations, educational institutions, foundations, community groups, and a variety of individual artisans. The Creative Industries Division’s mission is to ensure that Hawaii maintains its stature as an internationally recognized production destination and creative media hub in the Pacific by positioning the state as a leader in the global creative innovation based digital economy; strengthening Hawaii’s entrepreneurial ecosystem for creatives; and expanding avenues of global export for Hawaii originated creative content. For more information, visit: Creative Industries Division.

Creative Industries Branch Directory:
Arts and Culture Development Branch
Phone: (808) 586-2590
Fax: (808) 587-3388

Film Industry Branch
Phone: (808) 586-2570
Fax: (808) 586-2572

Foreign-Trade Zone Division
The Foreign-Trade Zone Division (FTZ) administers the federal grant issued to Hawaii in 1965 by the Foreign-Trade Zones Board in Washington D.C. FTZ’s mission is to increase the amount of international trading activity in Hawaii, to encourage value-added activities, stimulate capital investment and generate employment opportunities by using the federal trade development program to reduce the costs associated with international trade. There are currently 13 sites on the islands of Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii that have received FTZ designation. Of the 13 sites, three general-purpose zones and four special-purpose subzones are active. The Foreign-Trade Zone Division is responsible for ensuring that U.S. Customs and Foreign-Trade Zones Board regulations are followed at these sites. For more information, visit: Foreign-Trade Zone Division.

FTZ Branch Directory:
Development Branch
Phone: (808) 586-2507
Fax: (808) 586-2512

Business Office
Phone: (808) 586-2510
Fax: (808) 586-2513

Operations Branch
Phone: (808) 586-2515
Fax: (808) 586-2513

Hawaii Broadband and Digital Equity Office
Hawaii Broadband and Digital Equity Office’s (HBDEO) mission is to support and coordinate statewide deployment of high speed internet access (broadband) and works to achieve the goals of digital equity and adoption for all residents of Hawaii. HBDEO’s functions include the coordination, implementation, promotion, funding and managing of programs that ensure the equitable distribution of digital technologies and to provide pathways to maximize Hawaii’s competitiveness in the digital economy. For more information call (808) 587-9001 or visit: Hawaii Broadband and Digital Equity Office.

Research & Economic Analysis Division
The Research & Economic Analysis Division (READ), works to enhance and contribute to the economic development of the State by providing analyses and policy recommendations on economic issues. READ provides economic forecasts that contribute to long-term statewide planning and infrastructure needs assessment, and also conducts and reports on basic research into the economy of the state. These functions are conducted by collecting compiling, interpreting and publishing data and statistics on all aspects of business activity, the economy and demographic characteristics of the State. READ also developed and maintains a statewide statistical reporting system. For more information: Research & Economic Analysis Division.

READ Branch Directory:
Statistics & Data Support Branch
Phone: (808) 586-2481

Economic Information Staff
Phone: (808) 586-2466

Small Business Regulatory Review Board
The Small Business Regulatory Review Board is the watchdog for small business within the Hawaii state government. Based on comments from small businesses, the board recommends to the Hawaiian legislature and state agencies that they review and modify overly burdensome regulations. The board also evaluates state agencies’ responsiveness to small business, and reports these findings to the legislature. For more information, visit: Small Business Regulatory Review Board.

Attached Agencies

Agribusiness Development Corporation
Develops and administers an aggressive and dynamic agribusiness development program. The program is designed to facilitate the transition of agricultural lands and infrastructure from plantation operations into other agricultural enterprises, to carry on the marketing analysis necessary to direct the evolution of the agricultural industry, and to provide the leadership for the development, financing, improvement, and enhancement of the agricultural industry. For more information, call (808) 586-0186, or visit: Agribusiness Development Corporation.

Hawaii Community Development Authority
The Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA) works to stimulate the economic development of specific community districts by planning and implementing community development programs and facilitating capital investments. HCDA’s main objectives are: 1) plan and implement capital improvement projects to upgrade infrastructure and develop public facilities to meet Hawaii’s economic and recreational needs, and 2) implement long term planning initiatives to support residential development in a mixed-use community. For more information, call: (808) 594-0300, or visit: Hawaii Community Development Authority.

Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority
The mission and the purpose of the Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority is to administer the Green Infrastructure Loan Program (also known as the Green Energy Market Securitization [GEMS] Program). The GEMS program is intended to create a sustainable financing structure through market driven public-private partnerships that will open access to clean energy financing for more Hawaii customers. For more information, call: (808) 587-3868, or visit: Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority.

Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation
HHFDC is the State of Hawaii’s premier housing finance and development agency – your one-stop shop for information about affordable housing development and state-sponsored homeownership initiatives. For more information, call: (808) 587-0641, or visit: Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation.

Hawaii State Energy Office
Hawaii State Energy Office’s (HSEO) mission is to support statewide economic efficiency, productivity, development and diversification by promoting, attracting and facilitating the development of Hawaii Technology-based industries which engage in the sustainable development of Hawaii’s energy, environmental, ocean, recyclable, and technological resources. For more information, call: 587-3807 or visit: Hawaii State Energy Office.

Hawaii Strategic Development Corporation
The Hawaii Strategic Development Corporation has been repealed effective July 1, 2019. For inquiries regarding HSDC’s investment program please contact the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation.

Hawaii Technology Development Corporation
The Hawaii Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) works to facilitate the growth and development of the commercial high technology industry in Hawaii. HTDC’s functions include developing, managing, and assisting technology centers statewide; create business opportunities for the growth of technology companies and industry; market and promote Hawaii’s technology assets; and provide support needed by Hawaii’s technology industry. HTDC assists in developing, managing, and operating technology centers statewide, including the Manoa Innovation Center, Maui Research & Technology Center and the West Kauai Technology and Visitor Center. These sites serve as high technology company incubation facilities to ease the transition from start up ventures to full fledged, independent commercial enterprises. For more information, call: (808) 539-3806, or visit: Hawaii Technology Development Corporation.

Hawaii Tourism Authority
The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) is the lead tourism agency responsible for creating a vision and developing a long-range plan for tourism for the State of Hawaii. The HTA is composed of a thirteen-member board of directors to oversee the Tourism Special Fund, create a vision for tourism, and administer tourism development from a statewide perspective. The HTA’s tourism strategic plan, titled Ke Kumu, provides a framework for bringing together the common goals for the good of Hawaii and its people, and also serves to guide the HTA in fulfilling its leadership role as steward of Hawaii’s tourism industry. Seven initiatives are identified to achieve HTA’s overall goal of increased visitor expenditures – a combination of spending per day, length-of-stay, and visitor arrivals. Tourism funds will be expended according to a plan with specific goals and measures of accountability that will help the agency achieve its mission – To manage the strategic growth of Hawaii’s visitor industry in a manner consistent with the economic goals, cultural values, preservation of natural resources, and community interests of the people of Hawaii. For more information call: (808) 973-2255, or visit: Hawaii Tourism Authority.

Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority
The mission of NELHA is to participate in the development and diversification of the economy of Hawaii by providing resources and facilities for energy and ocean related research, education, and commercial activities in an environmentally sound and culturally sensitive manner. This is achieved through managing, operating, marketing and leasing that provide sites and resources for the development of research and commercial businesses and technologies that utilize the natural resources available such as cold deep seawater, warm surface seawater, and high solar energy. Facilities are located at Keahole Point in Kona and in Puna, both on the Island of Hawaii. NELHA at Keahole Point is the only location in the world, which consistently pumps large quantities of warm and cold seawater ashore for use in aquaculture, marine biotechnology, and other related technologies. NELHA serves as the laboratory for research and development, as an incubator facility for developing innovative, new technologies and businesses, and as a base for commercial operations that utilize or are related to the use of the cold and warm seawater and other resources available. For more information, call: (808) 329-7341, or visit: Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority.

Office of Planning and Sustainable Development
The Office of Planning and Sustainable Development works to maintain an overall framework to guide the development of the State through a continuous process of comprehensive, long-range, and strategic planning to meet the physical, economic, and social needs of Hawaii’s people, and provide for the wise use of Hawaii’s resources in a coordinated, efficient, and economical manner – including the conservation of natural, environmental, recreational, scenic, historic, and other limited and irreplaceable resources which are required for future generations. The Office of Planning and Sustainable Development’s 3 main objectives are: 1) fix responsibility and accountability to successfully carry out statewide programs, policies and priorities; 2) improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations of the executive branch; and 3) Ensure comprehensive planning and coordination to enhance the quality of life of the people of Hawaii. For more information, call: (808) 587-2846, or visit: Office of Planning and Sustainable Development

Land Use Commission
The Land Use Commission works with the State Legislature, County Planning Departments, interest groups and landowners to define constitutionally mandated standards and criteria for protecting important agricultural lands in the State of Hawaii. The Commission also engages the county planning departments in enhancing and clarifying the special permit process in the Agricultural Land Use District. The Land Use Commission is also working to establishing data warehouses with the county planning departments with respect to storage and retrieval of land use data; and developing cooperative memorandum-of-understanding with the University of Hawaii Department of Urban and Regional Planning with respect to planning practicum and faculty consultation. For more information, call: (808) 587-3822, or visit: Land Use Commission.

Stadium Authority
The Stadium Authority is comprised of an eleven-member board that is tasked with overseeing the operations of the Aloha Stadium facility and the development and operation of the New Aloha Stadium Entertainment District (NASED). NASED is designed to create a vibrant live-work-play-thrive destination on Oahu with a new multi-sport stadium serving as the centerpiece for a mixed-use real estate development on the existing 98-acre Aloha Stadium site located in Hālawa. The Authority’s concurrent goals are to provide a first-class arena in conjunction with the development of NASED. For more information, please visit: Aloha Stadium and New Aloha Stadium Entertainment District.