The 2014 State of Hawaii Data Book is available on the DBEDT website and may be downloaded in whole or in part as either PDF or Excel files.

Hawaii State Energy Office — Businesses and event organizers across Hawai‘i have taken their commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle to a new level.

Hawaii State Energy Office — Powered only by the sun’s rays, the Solar Impulse 2 airplane brought its messages of innovation and clean energy to Hawaii as it neared the halfway point of its around-the-world flight without using fossil fuel.

Hawaii State Energy Office — The Hawaii Green Infrastructure Authority announced today that it has begun accepting loan applications from consumers seeking to finance solar photovoltaic systems under the state’s Green Energy Market Securitization (GEMS) program.

Hawaii State Energy Office — The State of Hawaii’s dual announcement of a fulfilled and new Commitment to Action took center stage at the opening of the Clinton Global Initiative’s 2015 CGI America in Denver.