Hawaii Technology Development Corp. — HTDC is bringing back its annual Tech Job Fair after a two-year hiatus, through a local partnership with the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii and its “Hawaii is Hiring initiative”.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority issued a request for proposals in October for a contractor to provide tourism destination brand marketing and management services for the United States commencing January 1, 2022. At the end of a months-long process, an initial award was rescinded.

According to preliminary visitor statistics released by DBEDT, total spending by visitors who came to the islands in November 2021 was $1.18 billion.

As a writer, Hawaii Island's Amy Bircher found you don't need a snow-covered landscape to create a successful Christmas movie for television.

As the COVID-19 pandemic moves us deeper into a digital world, internet connectivity is more critical than ever to access essential services including education and healthcare.

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