County Economic Conditions

Updated monthly, these dashboards contain county-level overviews of COVID-19 metrics, unemployment, wage and salary jobs, tourism, construction, the housing market, and tax liabilities. More detailed data are available from the Monthly Economic Indicators report.

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October 2021

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State of HawaiiHawaii CountyHonolulu CountyKauai CountyMaui County
Jan. 2021Jan. 2021Jan. 2021Jan. 2021Jan. 2021
Feb. 2021Feb. 2021Feb. 2021Feb. 2021Feb. 2021
Mar. 2021Mar. 2021Mar. 2021Mar. 2021Mar. 2021
Apr. 2021Apr. 2021Apr. 2021Apr. 2021Apr. 2021
May 2021May 2021May 2021May 2021May 2021
June 2021June 2021June 2021June 2021June 2021
July 2021July 2021July 2021July 2021July 2021
Aug. 2021Aug. 2021Aug. 2021Aug. 2021Aug. 2021
Sep. 2021Sep. 2021Sep. 2021Sep. 2021Sep. 2021

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