Hawaii Broadband and Digital Equity Office — With the aim of ensuring universal access to the internet and addressing diverse digital needs across our state, DBEDT's Hawaii Broadband and Digital Equity Office has published the final version of its Hawaii Digital Equity Plan.

Governor Josh Green, M.D., and Governor Tokihiro Nakamura of Ehime Prefecture, reaffirmed the Hawaii-Ehime sister-state agreement on Friday, February 9, 2024.

DBEDT, in collaboration with industry leaders Amazon and Shopify, announced today that the first-ever “Made in Hawaii Presents: Your Future in E-Commerce” conference will be held at the Ala Moana Hotel on Wednesday, February 21.

Total visitor arrivals to the Hawaiian Islands (860,831 visitors, -1.3%) and total visitor spending measured in nominal dollars ($1.96 billion, -1.2%) were down slightly in December 2023, compared to December 2022.

DBEDT today announced that the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for December was 2.9 percent, the same as in October and November.