G. Selected County Tables

2nd Quarter 2024 Report

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Title State table Page County tables Pages
Civilian Labor Force A-1 16 G-1 to G-4 129-132
Civilian Employment A-2 17 G-5 to G-8 133-136
Civilian Unemployment A-3 18 G-9 to G-12 137-140
Civilian Unemployment Rate A-4 19 G-13 to G-16 141-144
Total Visitor Arrivals – By Air D-2 82 G-17 to G-20 145-148
Hotel Occupancy Rate D-15 98 G-21 to G-24 149-152
Private Residential Building Permits – Number of Units Authorized E-3 104 G-25 to G-28 153-156
Home Sales by Type E-9 111 G-29 to G-32 157-160
Home Sales by Residency of Buyer E-10 113 G-33 to G-36 161-164