Kaka’ako Parks Permit

HCDA will only issue permits for Kakaako Waterfront Park, the Gateway Parks and Kewalo Basin Park through May 31, 2018.

Starting on June 1, 2018, HCDA will only be issuing park permits for Kolowalu Parks.

Parks and open spaces can provide sustainable, family-friendly outdoor gathering places that encourage lively uses and quality outdoor experiences.

Since its creation in 1976, the HCDA has developed about 46 acres of park land in the Kakaʻako District, including Kakaʻako Waterfront Park, Kakaʻako Gateway Parks, Kewalo Basin Park and Kolowalu Parks.

A Park Permit is required for the following:

  • Park Uses (HAR § 15-210-13(b)),
  • Commercial Activities (HAR § 15-210-26 to -33), and
  • Other Uses (HAR § 15-210-46, et seq.). 

These uses include events with more than 50 attendees or the placement of structures at any of the Kakaʻako District parks.

See the Park Rules (HAR Chapter 15-210) for a full list of events that require a permit.

To begin the permit process submit this form to the Hawaiʻi Community Development Authority, and someone will get back to you. Early submission is suggested. There is a 45 day minimum processing time.

*Additional information and documentation may be required.

**Commercial use permits require a $100 application fee. Payments are only accepted in cash or check made out to: HCDA.


The Guidelines are general and are not all inclusive. For a full list of events that require a permit see the Park Rules (HAR-15-210).