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Hawaii Community Development Authority

Employment Opportunity

The Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA) is a public entity created by the Hawaii State Legislature to establish community development plans in community development districts; determine community development programs; and cooperate with private enterprise and various components of federal, state, and county governments to bring community development plans to fruition.  The HCDA’s work should result in economic and social opportunities and aim to meet the highest needs and aspirations of Hawaii’s people.


HCDA Asset Management Specialist

The primary function of this position is to assist the HCDA Asset Manager with the management of all assets owned and controlled by HCDA. The responsibilities include administration of leases on properties owned by HCDA (including more than 200 of acres of land); and management of parks, parking lots and structures, elderly housing projects and offices and other commercial facilities.

Minimum Qualifications

Knowledge: Real estate or property management, including land appraisal techniques, land subdivision and dedication laws and procedures, zoning, private and public planning and development, laws and rules relating to procurement of goods and services, and effective communication and negotiation techniques.

Skills/Abilities: Ability to assist with the coordination of the real estate development activities of a major community development district project; exercise independent judgment and provide sound advice on development matters; negotiate effectively; make presentations to groups; work effectively with others; and communicate effectively orally and in writing. Competent with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint software.  Able to perform research over Internet.

Education: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a baccalaureate degree in planning, engineering, architecture, public or business administration, or other related field.

Experience: Four years of progressively responsible experience in construction, project management, real estate, property management, or other related experience.

Citizenship Requirement: The State of Hawaii requires that all persons seeking employment with the government of the State shall be citizens, nationals, or permanent resident aliens of the United States, or eligible under federal law for unrestricted employment in the United States.

Other Information

This position is exempt from the civil service and considered temporary in nature. Therefore, if you are appointed to the position, your employment will be considered to be “at will,” which means that you may be discharged from your employment at the prerogative of your department head or designee at any time.


HCDA Program Specialist IV – Planner

The primary function of this position is to assist the HCDA Director of Planning and Development with HCDA’s planning, zoning, and plan enforcement activities for the Community Development Districts in accordance with the respective Community Development District Plans and Rules, and any amendments thereto.

Minimum Qualifications Requirements

Knowledge:  Purposes, principles, and practices of public planning; the planning process; general research sources and sources of socio-economic information; research and statistical methods and techniques used in public planning; report writing; governmental organization, programs, and functions; public relations; and trends in public planning.

Skills/Abilities:  Organize, direct, coordinate and conduct the planning, zoning and plan enforcement activities for a major community development district project affecting broad areas of community life and development; organize, direct, coordinate and conduct special planning projects related to any aspect of community development, such as housing or recreation; establish and maintain effective relationships with public and private groups and individuals including the formulation of cooperative agreements; assign, review and evaluate the work of others; speak and write effectively; and speak effectively before groups.  Make project presentations, argue planning and rules issues.

Education:  Graduation from a college or university with a baccalaureate degree in planning, engineering, architecture, economics or public or business administration, or other related field.

Experience:  Four years of progressively responsible professional planning experience that required the application of planning principles to the solution of planning problems related to land use, urban design, public facilities, or private development planning, of which at least two years must have been related to urban community development or redevelopment planning.


To apply for these positions

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