HCDA Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Hawai‘i Community Development Authority

Over the past 45 years HCDA has developed plans for Kaka’ako, Kalaeloa and He’eia community development districts and implemented infrastructure improvement projects and mixed-use housing development projects that have been responsive to the State’s goals and the communities needs.

STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN – Updated September 2023
One, Three, and Five-Year Plan

HCDA’s Mission, Core values, and Vision


For each community development district and transit-oriented development infrastructure improvement district HCDA will collaborate with private enterprise, public agencies, and community stakeholders to build better communities through planning, collaboration, regulation, and infrastructure development.

Core Values

HCDA’s core vlaues are focused on the following acronym:

Build better communities.
Utilize our infrastructure development expertise and assessment powers.
Innovate the planning and regulation woth other agencies and stakeholders.
Leverage experience to foster collaboration with other agencies and stakeholders.
Develop a “yes, we can” attitude within HCDA and its partners.


HCDA envisions utilizing its experience in infrastructure and mixed-use development to collaborate on and/or undertake: (i) infrastructure development that supports the creation of affordable housing projects of all types, and (ii) infrastructure and/or mixed-use development that supports other State goals and initiatives.