May 1, 2024 General AGENDA

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AGENDA General Meeting.pdf

Wednesday, May 1, 2024
9:30 a.m.


In accordance with Section 92-3.7, Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes, the Hawaiʻi Community Development Authority (“HCDA”) At-Large Board Meeting will be convened remotely via Zoom and in person at the physical meeting side set forth below. The public is welcome to register to participate and view the Board Meeting as follows:

Participate Remotely Via Zoom Webinar
To participate remotely, please use the following link:

Participant Via Phone
Dial: (669) 900 – 6833
Webinar ID: 826 3005 2715
Passcode: 553394

Attend and View the Remote Board Meeting at the Following Physical Meeting Site:
Hawaiʻi Community Development Authority
American Brewery Building
547 Queen Street, 2nd Floor Board Room
Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96813



1. Regular Meeting Minutes of April 3, 2024


2. Consider Authorizing the Executive Director to Initiate Administrative Rulemaking for the Ninety-Nine Year Leasehold Program as Provided in Hawaii Revised Statute (HRS), 206E, Part XII, and Conduct Community Engagement and Public Hearings to Adopt the Rules Pursuant to HRS, Chapter 91 and Chapter 206E.


3. Legislative Update on the following measures:

i. H.B. 2361, H.D. 1, S.D. 1, Relating to the Hawaii Community Development Authority (Interagency Assistance)
ii. H.B. 1800, H.D. 1, S.D. 2 Relating to the State Budget (operations and capital improvement projects for Iwilei-Kapalama, UH West Oahu, Kalaeloa, Saratoga Road, and Heeia)

4. Findings and Recommendations of the Permitted Interaction Group Established at the At-Large Board Meeting Held on April 3, 2024, for the Purpose of:

i. Conducting the Executive Director’s Annual Performance Review, and
ii. Establishing the Executive Director’s new 1-, 3-, and 5-year goals and accordingly amend the Agency’s Strategic Plan adopted by the Authority at the September 6, 2023, General Authority Meeting.

The Authority may convene in executive session pursuant to HRS § 92–5 (a)(2) to consider the hire, evaluation, dismissal, or discipline of an officer or employee or of charge brought against the officer or employee, where consideration of matters affecting privacy will be involved; provided that if the individual concerned requests an open meeting, an open meeting shall be held.


5. Monthly Report and Other Status Reports

a. Information/Update: Senate Confirmation Hearing for the Kakaako, Kalaeloa, and Pulehunui Community Business Representatives
b. Monthly Financial Highlights for March 2024


In accordance with Section 92-3.7(c), Hawaii Revised Statutes, in the event that audiovisual communication cannot be maintained by all participating Board Members and quorum is lost, the meeting will be automatically recessed for up to thirty (30) minutes, during which time, an attempt to restore audiovisual communication will be made. If HCDA is able to reestablish audio communication only, the meeting will be reconvened and continue. To participate via audio communication, please refer to the “Participate Via Phone” information above.

If HCDA is unable to reconvene the meeting because neither audiovisual communication nor audio communication can be re-established within thirty (30) minutes, the meeting will be automatically terminated.


Oral Live Testimony

All testimony will be limited to a maximum of three minutes pursuant to Section 92-3, Hawaii Revised Statutes, and Article IV, Section 10 of HCDA’s Bylaws. Testimony must be related to an item on the agenda. All testifiers will be asked to identify themselves for the record. When one minute is remaining, “one minute remains” will be called out, and when 30 seconds is remaining, “30 seconds remain” will be called out. When time has elapsed, “time”, will be called out after which you will have 30 seconds to conclude your testimony and then your audio will be turned off or the presiding officer will move on to the next testifier.

The Board meeting agenda and meeting materials provided to the Board Members for this meeting are available for inspection on the HCDA website at:

  • Oral live testimony may be provided via either of the following options:

          In Person:

Upon arriving in person, please complete the speaker registration form at the sign-in table on the 2nd floor of the American Brewery Building, 547 Queen Street, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96813. When the Presiding Officer asks for public testimony, and your name is called, please approach the public testimony table, and proceed with your testimony.


Oral live testimony may be provided remotely, please register via the Zoom link provided above at the top of this Agenda Notice. Please use your full name and affiliation when logging into the Zoom meeting.

You will be asked to provide your name and an email address in the standard email format, e.g., ****@****.com.
Your microphone will automatically be muted.  When the Chairperson asks for public testimony, you may click the Raise Hand button found on your Zoom screen to indicate that you wish to testify about that specific agenda item.  The Chairperson will individually enable each testifier to unmute their microphone.  When recognized by the presiding Officer, please unmute your microphone before speaking and mute your microphone after you finish speaking.

  • Phone:

If you do not have a computer/internet access, you may provide oral live testimony via the Participate by Phone option and attend this meeting with audio-only access by calling the phone number listed in the “Participate Via Phone” option located at the top of this meeting agenda.

Upon dialing the number, you will be prompted to enter the Meeting ID which is also listed at the top of this agenda.  After entering the Meeting ID, you will be asked to either enter your panelist number or wait to be admitted into the meeting.  Please wait until you are admitted into the meeting as no panelist numbers will be issued.

When the Presiding Officer asks for public testimony, you may indicate that you want to testify by entering * followed by 9 on your phone’s keypad.  A voice prompt will then let you know that the meeting host has been notified.  When recognized by the Presiding Officer, please unmute yourself by entering * and then 6 on your phone’s keypad.  A voice prompt will let you know that you are unmuted, and you may begin speaking. After you have finished speaking, please enter * and then 6 again to mute yourself.

Written Testimony
To ensure that the public as well as the HCDA Board Members receive testimony in a timely manner, written testimony should be submitted at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled meeting date and time. Any written testimony submitted after such time cannot be guaranteed to be distributed in time for the meeting. Written testimony may be submitted by any one of the following methods:

Please note that written public testimony submitted to the HCDA will be treated as a public record and any contact information contained therein will be available for public inspection and copying.

The Authority may elect to convene in executive session pursuant to §§ 92-4 and 92‑5(a), Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes, if any exceptions set forth therein apply.

If you need an auxiliary aid/service or other accommodation due to a disability, please contact Francine Murray, HCDA Community Outreach Officer, via phone at (808) 594-0300 or via email at: [email protected] as soon as possible.