Quarterly Statistical & Economic Report

The full report contains more than 100 pages of narrative and tables. The Executive Summary contains the narratives and selected data tables.

To view particular parts of the report and download MS Excel Workbooks containing tables for each section, click on the entries to the right.

For the most recent monthly economic statistics see the Monthly Economic Indicators page.

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  • The 2nd Quarter 2016 QSER was released on May 18, 2016.
    • Occupancy tables were updated on June 1, 2016. Download PDF Excel
  • The 3rd Quarter 2016 QSER is expected to be released in mid-August 2016.

2nd Quarter 2016

Part I. Economic Summary & Outlook

Part II. Economic Review and Data

  1. Labor Force & Jobs
  2. Income & Prices
  3. Tax Revenues
  4. Tourism
  5. Construction
  6. Other Indicators
  7. Selected County Tables

Part III. Terms & Definitions