Road Ownership in Kakaako

Posted on Jun 18, 2015 in Main

In the past couple of years, disputes over road ownership throughout the central Kakaako neighborhood have come to the forefront.  Area residents voiced concerns about road maintenance and responsibility, while area business owners raised issues about and parking and towing in the area.  As the Hawaii Community Development Authority is primarily a regulatory and community development agency, it does not have the authority to adjudicate land ownership rights or govern roadways.  However, we recognize that it is important to bring the issue of road ownership to a timely resolution in efforts to further encourage the growth of Kakaako as a vibrant community.  Both the State House and the City Council passed resolutions aimed at addressing road ownership in Kakaako, and the HCDA is doing its part to bring the various disputes to a close.  In efforts to increase government transparency, we have linked all applicable documents on this website so that the public can stay informed as this issue evolves.

City Council Resolution 16-213 CD1 FD1

City Council Resolution 15-045

House Resolution 80

Resolution 15_45 HCDA Comments

Resolution 80_HCDA Comments

Road Ownership Maps and Exhibits


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