HCDA Plans and Rules

Hawaii Revised Statute §206E-3
Ch. 219 – Rules of Practice and Procedure, EFF 2012-03-02
HCDA Bylaws


The Kakaako Community Development District Mauka and Makai Area Plans and Rules are designed to guide the redevelopment of this former warehouse area into a vibrant pedestrian-oriented urban community. The Mauka and Makai Area Plans establish the general redevelopment goals and objectives for each respective area, while the Mauka and Makai Area Rules specify regulations.

The 2021 Kakaako Reserved Housing Rules allow for payment of shared equity without sale or transfer of reserved housing. Read it here.

2021 Kakaako Reserved Housing Rules
2018 Kakaako Reserved Housing Rules
2011 Kakaako Reserved Housing Rules
2011 Mauka Area Plan
2011 Mauka Area Rules
2005 Mauka Area Rules

2017 Kakaako Makai Parks Master Plan
Rules Regulations for Parks HAR Ch.15-210

2005 Makai Area Rules
2005 Makai Area Plan
Kakaako Makai Conceptual Master Plan

Kewalo Basin Rules for Kewalo Harbor and Tariff – HAR Ch. 211
Kewalo Basin Rules for Vessel and Harbor Controls –
HAR Ch. 212
Kewalo Basin Rules for Motor Vehicles – HAR Ch. 213
Kewalo Basin Rules Relating to Services and Procedures – HAR Ch. 214
Kewalo Basin Storm Water Management Protection Plan
Kewalo Basin CWB NOI Submittal Package
BMPs for Kewalo Basin Harbor Users

Storm Water Management Program Plan 2015
Transit Oriented Development Overlay Plan



Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA) is working with a consultant team to develop the Master Plan and Rules Update for Kalaeloa. For more information see the link below.

HCDA Kalaeloa Master Plan and Rules Proposed Amendments

Kalaeloa Master Plan
Kalaeloa MP Appendices
Kalaeloa Infrastructure Master Plan Update
HAR Ch. 215 – Kalaeloa CDD Rules – EFF 2012-10-27
HAR Ch. 216 – Kalaeloa Reserved Housing Rules – EFF 2012-10-27
Kalaeloa Heritage Park Final EA w Appendices



He’eia Community Development District Master Plan
HAR CH 220 Title 15 He’eia Community Development District Rules


Archived HCDA Plans and Rules

These plans and rules are not current and are posted here for historical and transparency purposes.

2011 Ch. 218 – Kakaako Reserved Housing Rules – EFF 2011-11-11
Ch. 210 – Park Amended Rules, effective 2007-05-25
Ch. 210 – Final Park Rules 2005
Ch. 19 – District-Wide Improvement Program, Unofficial Compilation (10-99)
Ch. 20 – Improvement District Rules, Unofficial Compilation (2-08)
Ch. 21 – Development Program, EFF 1986-01-24
Ch. 24 – Relocation Assistance to Displaced Persons – Unofficial Compilation (10-99)
HCDA Abandoned Property Rules

These master plans are vested under Chapter 22
Ch. 22 – 2005 Mauka Area Rules


Please visit the websites below for more information about Plans in Kakaako

Aloha Tower Special District Development Guidelines

Kamehameha Schools Kakaako Website
Kaiaulu o Kakaako Master Plan
Kaiaulu o Kakaako Master Plan Amendments 2021

Howard Hughes Ward Village
Ward Neighborhood Master Plan
Ward Master Plan Addendum 1
Ward Master Plan Addendum 2