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HI GPI Economic Indicators


GPI = U(PCE_ADJ + PP + KB + KS + KH – SC + KN – POL – DKN)

where PCE_ADJ = (PCE – DEFR – HI – CDE)*INQ


HI GPI Economic Indicators

Each economic indicator, Adjusted Personal Consumption (+PCE_ADJ), Public and Non-Profit Provision of Goods and Services (+PP), and Built Capital Services (+KB), are summed with the social and environmental indicators to find HI GPI. Select the indicator name below to access sub indicators.

HI-GPI-Economic-Indicators-Excel-Table Download

Adjusted Personal Consumption Expenditure (+PCE_ADJ)

Adjusted Personal Consumption (+ADJ PCE). ADJ PCE is calculated as personal consumption minus: Defensive and Regrettable Expenditures (-DEFR), Household Investment (-HI), and Consumer Durable Expenditures (-CDE), the result of which was then adjusted for income inequality in society. DEFR= Costs of food & alcohol + tobacco + insurance & financial services + HH pollution abatement + medical & legal services + food waste + energy waste.

Public & Non-Profit Provision of Goods and Services (+PP)

The annual value of goods and services consumed by households/individuals but produced by Federal non-defense, state and local governments, or non-profit institutions serving households (NPISH).

Built Capital Services (+KB)

Total services from built capital include the value of consumer durable services + transportation/highways & streets + water infrastructure + household improvements.