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HI GPI Environmental Indicators


GPI = U(PCE_ADJ + PP + KB + KS + KH – SC + KN – POL – DKN)

where PCE_ADJ = (PCE – DEFR – HI – CDE)*INQ

HI GPI Environmental Indicators GRAPH

Services from Protected Areas (+KN) are added to find HI GPI, while Pollution Costs (-POL) and Depletion of Natural Capital (-DKN) are deducted. Select the indicator name below to access sub indicators.


Services Protected Areas (+KN)

Natural Capital (+KN) services provide ecosystem services that enhance welfare beyond merely provisioning market goods and services that may be already accounted for in market consumption.

Pollution Costs (-POL)

Costs related to the damages from pollution resulting from economic activity are deducted because they are not welfare enhancing.

Depletion of Natural Capital (-DKN)

Justified as the decreases in welfare generated by the depletion of different types of natural capital for those who are willing to pay to prevent their loss. Uses replacement costs using benefits transfer in the case of non-renewable energy, groundwater, and soil erosion; calculates net present value of changes from land conversion.