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HI GPI Social Indicators


GPI = U(PCE_ADJ + PP + KB + KS + KH – SC + KN – POL – DKN)

where PCE_ADJ = (PCE – DEFR – HI – CDE)*INQ


2021 HI GPI Social Indicators Graph

Services from Social and Human Capital (+KS/KH) are added while Social Costs (-SC) are deducted to find HI GPI.  Select the indicator name below to access sub indicators.

HI-GPI-Social-Indicators-Excel-Table Download

Services from Social and Human Capital (+KS/KH)

Services from investments in social and human capital are accounted for by estimating a flow of social payoffs.

Social Costs (-SC)

Captures social costs that result from economic activity but reduce overall welfare, such as homeless/houselessness, underprovided labor hours, commuting time, or damage from crimes.