Mortgage Credit Certificate

The Mortgage Credit Certificate Program was authorized by Congress in the 1984 Tax Reform Act as a means of providing housing assistance to families of low and moderate income.  The Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation (HHFDC) is an Issuer of Mortgage Credit Certificates.

The Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) reduces the amount of federal income tax you pay, thus giving you more available income to qualify for a mortgage loan and assist you with house payments.

Mortgage Credit Certificate-07-22-15L

Where can I get a MCC?
You are free to seek financing from any lender. However, MCCs are available only through the participating lenders listed below.

Participating Lenders:

• American Financial Network, Inc.

• American Savings Bank

• Bank of Hawaii

• Castle & Cooke Mortgage, LLC

• Central Pacific Bank

• Compass Home Loans, LLC

• Coral Lending Group, Inc.

• DHI Mortgage

• First Hawaiian Bank

• Guild Mortgage Company

• Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union

• HHOC Mortgage

• HomeStreet Bank

• Honolulu HomeLoans, Inc.

• House of Finance, Inc.

• International City Mortgage, Inc.

• Mann Mortgage, LLC

• Mason-McDuffie Mortgage Corporation

• Mortgage Research Center, LLC

• Pacific Access Mortgage

• Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc.

• Stellar Capital, Inc.

• Territorial Savings Bank

• V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc.

• Wells Fargo Bank N.A.