Hawai’i Fire Relief Housing Program – Unlawful Evictions

Attorney General Anne Lopez is asking residential rental tenants on the island of Maui to inform the Department of the Attorney General if their landlords are illegally raising rent or threatening them with eviction for failure to pay rent, taxes, or fees.

  • Under the Eighth Proclamation Relating to Wildfires, signed by Governor Josh Green, M.D. (the Emergency Proclamation), the landlord of a residential dwelling unit on the island of Maui is prohibited from charging more rent than what was being assessed as of August 9, 2023, unless such rent increase is contained in a written agreement that was signed by the tenant prior to August 9, 2023.
  • Landlords violating these provisions of the Emergency Proclamation may be subject to penalties and remedies as provided by law, including civil penalties of up to $10,000 per day. See sections 127A-30(e) and 480-3.1, Hawaii Revised Statutes.
  • If you believe that a landlord on Maui is acting illegally under the Emergency Proclamation, report what you know to the Department of the Attorney General.” [email protected]