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FEMA Direct Lease Program for Maui


A Message to Mauiʻs Displaced Residents
(9/13/23 update)

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An unimaginable tragedy unfolded on Maui beginning Tuesday, August 8, 2023. Many have lost loved ones and/or their homes. Thousands may be in dire and immediate need of temporary housing.


With this in mind, Governor Josh Green, M.D. and the Hawaiʻi Housing Finance and Development Corporation (HHFDC) have launched the Hawaiʻi Fire Relief Housing Program. The goal of the program is to connect those in urgent need of housing due to the Maui fires, with Hawaiʻi homeowners willing to assist by offering unoccupied rooms, units or houses on a temporary basis.

“We are asking folks in the community to rent out those extra rooms, the ‘ohana units or accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in their homes, vacation rentals, or whatever safe and secure rooms they have available,” Governor Green said.

You can browse available units using the map or by downloading a complete listing of available inventory (PDF viewer required), both found below. We have also added a searchable list at the bottom of this page. Should you locate a listing that suits you, please contact the homeowners directly.

Email us HHFDC at [email protected] or call us at 808-587-0469. Our staff will be available Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m (except holidays).

Please email us or leave a voicemail outside of these hours and staff will respond as soon as possible.

NOTE: The state does not provide financial assistance to any of the parties for participating in the Hawaiʻi Fire Relief Housing Program. However, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is standing up its Direct Lease Program aimed at providing compensation to property owners who agree to rent to disaster survivors. Please go here for details.

Available Housing Inventory

A new PDF listing will be posted here Monday through Friday at approximately 4:00PM HST (except holidays).

VIEW/DOWNLOAD THE MOST CURRENT LIST NOWView a listing of available homes now (banner graphic)

Please note that the interactive map’s contents below may not be in sync with downloadable PDF list above.

For Property Owners and Landlords

Help by offering your home or available housing using the
Hawaiʻi Fire Relief Housing Program Form


an HHFDC representative will contact you to confirm your information and your participation.

Due to the large influx of homeowner support requests, it may take us a few days to get back to you. We ask for your patience as we are working hard to process the hundreds of applicants we have received. Once we have spoken with you and your information has been verified, we will release the information on our website’s list of available housing inventory.

HHFDC thanks the Hawai‘i Association of REALTORS® for making its Standard Form Rental Agreement available to property owners and landlords free of cost through a license agreement with HHFDC.  Use of the Standard Form Rental Agreement by property owners and landlords is subject to the Standard Form Rental Agreement End User License Agreement.

For Displaced Residents in Need of Housing…

If you have been displaced or have been left houseless as a result of the wildfires, please fill out the

 Resident in Need of Housing Form

HHFDC representatives will keep you up-to-date on how best to connect with landlords of available units that meets your needs.

Other assistance

**A message from American Red Cross***


Scroll to the right to see the remaining contents of the list below:

Asset Type# of
in Unit
ParkingRent per
Length of
(In Months)
Property Owner EmailProperty Owner
Phone Number
Public CommentsDate of
Single Family Home22HānaMauiNo3Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected] Undisclosed9/1/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes6[email protected]UndisclosedNo smoking. No pets 8/24/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit21Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]808-385-91888/14/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit32Kīhei-MākenaMauiYes23001 and aboveYes6[email protected]808-866-39248/15/2023
Condominium12Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 0 and 500Yes<1[email protected]UndisclosedUnit is in Kamaole Sand Resort, no smoking.8/22/2023
Condominium12Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 501 and 1000Yes1[email protected]Undisclosed8/21/2023
Condominium12Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000No6[email protected]808-280-1730No smoking, no drugs, no alcohol9/1/2023
Condominium22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes2[email protected] 780-953-1939 Pets may be approved, please contact owner. Unit is available through October 21, 2023. Unit is also available through VRBO. 8/23/2023
Condominium11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes<1[email protected]Undisclosed8/22/2023
Condominium11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes2[email protected]530-205-6702Although it is one bedroom with king bed there is a pull out queen bed in the living room - condo can comfortably hous four people.8/21/2023
Condominium11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes1[email protected]206-354-70118/15/2023
Condominium21Kīhei-MākenaMauiYes2Between 2001 and 3000No12[email protected]UndisclosedWater/sewer/trash and internet are included.10/1/2023
Condominium22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo0Between 2001 and 3000Yes<1[email protected]818-438-38228/25/2023
Condominium11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]808-879-5445Length of availability may be up to 6 months depending on start date. 8/15/2023
Condominium11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveNo4[email protected]206-833-90938/22/2023
Condominium11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes6[email protected]407-986-49178/18/2023
Condominium12Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]Undisclosed8/14/2023
Condominium21Kīhei-MākenaMauiYes23001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]808-344-220210/1/2023
Condominium22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]530-409-313211/1/2023
Condominium22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]415-328-72038/17/2023
Condominium22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveNo2[email protected]Undisclosed9/1/2023
Condominium22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes12[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished ocean front unit.11/1/2023
Condominium22Kīhei-MākenaMauiYes23001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]310-989-2358Unit is brand new and fully furnished.9/1/2023
Condominium22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo23001 and aboveYes6[email protected]407-986-49178/18/2023
Condominium22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveNo4[email protected]312-925-86248/15/2023
Condominium32Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveNo9[email protected]443-386-88008/26/2023
Condominium32Kīhei-MākenaMauiYes23001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]480-999-84428/28/2023
Condominium44+Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo33001 and aboveYes12[email protected]912-574-44738/23/2023
Room12Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo2Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]UndisclosedSingle or couple, no smoking.8/15/2023
Room11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 501 and 1000Yes4[email protected]UndisclosedRoom with bath, single occupancy available 10/02/23.10/2/2023
Room11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000No6[email protected]808-280-17301-bedroom is available in a shared living space of a 3-bedroom condominium right across the street from Kamaole Beach Park 3. No drugs or alcohol allowed, the residence is a sober Christian environment. Rent is $1,400/month without utilities. 1/3rd of utilities is owed monthly. 6 months is the starting duration of the rental however the rental may be extended subject to agreement between tenant and owner. 9/1/2023
Room11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes6[email protected]808-419-80458/16/2023
Room11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]703-408-2933Duration is flexible; this is a room within the main house of owner; bathroom is separate from main floor.8/15/2023
Room12Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo0Between 1001 and 2000Yes<1[email protected]UndisclosedUnit will not be available between 9/10 - 10/15. Street parking is available.8/17/2023
Room11Kīhei-MākenaMauiYes1Between 1001 and 2000No>12[email protected]UndisclosedI am one block north of Kamali'i Elem. There is only a single bed in the room but space for another, if needed.8/14/2023
Room12Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo0Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/15/2023
Room21Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes6[email protected]808-283-28798/15/2023
Single Family Home11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo0Between 2001 and 3000No12[email protected]808-868-1490This is a fully furnished ohana that includes Wi-Fi and cable. A small dog or cat may be allowed subject to owner approval. Ample street parking is available. Rent is $2,500 per month. 9/8/2023
Single Family Home23Kīhei-MākenaMauiYes2Between 2001 and 3000Yes6[email protected]Undisclosed9/1/2023
Single Family Home22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo03001 and aboveYes2[email protected]562-850-4926Furnished. Daily rate at $349 per day.8/30/2023
Single Family Home21Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo23001 and aboveYes1[email protected]UndisclosedMonth to Month rental, will consider longer.8/20/2023
Single Family Home32Kīhei-MākenaMauiYes23001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]Undisclosed11/1/2023
Single Family Home32Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]808-215-1103No smoking; no alcohol.8/15/2023
Single Family Home42Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo43001 and aboveNo>12 [email protected]310-403-3622Fully furnished move in ready home.8/14/2023
Single Family Home43Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo23001 and aboveYes1[email protected]808-298-1728Property is a single family home with 3 beds/1 bath with an additional separate quarters 1 bed/1 bath. Please contact via email8/17/2023
Vacation Rental22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 0 and 500Yes<1[email protected]408-806-4583Home owner has lowered rent to zero, wants to "lower the barrier to housing as much as possible." Temporary Housing. Short term rentals only.8/18/2023
Vacation Rental22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 0 and 500Yes<1[email protected]Undisclosed9/11/2023
Vacation Rental11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo2Between 1001 and 2000Yes1[email protected]808-268-3554Cable and WiFi available. Pots and pans that they can use for cooking. Towels and blankets, included. Can fit 4 people9/1/2023
Vacation Rental11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes2[email protected]808-276-23878/15/2023
Vacation Rental22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000No<1[email protected]Undisclosed8/18/2023
Vacation Rental11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes1[email protected]808-874-76728/23/2023
Vacation Rental12Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes2[email protected]Undisclosed8/22/2023
Vacation Rental11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes6[email protected]UndisclosedCheck for availability.9/17/2023
Vacation Rental11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished 1 bed, 1 bath vacation rental and available for terms of 1-3 months. Max 2 occupants.9/11/2023
Vacation Rental12Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected] UndisclosedFully furnished 1 bed, 2 bath vacation rental and available for terms of 1-3 months. Max 2 occupants.9/8/2023
Vacation Rental11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected] UndisclosedFully furnished 1 bed, 1 bath vacation rental and available for terms of 1-3 months. Max 2 occupants.9/8/2023
Vacation Rental11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveNo4[email protected]619-322-118110/12/2023
Vacation Rental11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected] 808-879-24978/27/2023
Vacation Rental12Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected] or [email protected]UndisclosedSeveral units available. 1,2 or 3 bedrooms. 8/25/2023
Vacation Rental12Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]Undisclosed9/8/2023
Vacation Rental12Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished, queen sleeper couch, has a pack-n-play for toddlers, and is move in ready. 8/18/2023
Vacation Rental11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveNo<1[email protected]UndisclosedThere is a second bath, but it will be being worked on. There is also a sofa bed.8/21/2023
Vacation Rental11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo23001 and aboveYes3[email protected]Undisclosed8/22/2023
Vacation Rental12Kīhei-MākenaMauiYes13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]808-757-0687Ground floor, king bed in Master, queen drop down Murphy bed in living. Up to family of 5. W/D, indoor pets. Available up to October 1st, may be longer pending situation.8/17/2023
Vacation Rental11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]484-347-39979/21/2023
Vacation Rental11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]808-250-68918/17/2023
Vacation Rental11Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes<1[email protected]818-205-49498/14/2023
Vacation Rental12Kīhei-MākenaMauiYes23001 and aboveYes2[email protected]703-408-29338/15/2023
Vacation Rental22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo23001 and aboveYes3[email protected]Undisclosed9/11/2023
Vacation Rental22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveNo3[email protected] Undisclosed9/3/2023
Vacation Rental22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes<1[email protected]UndisclosedOffering temporary housing availability contact for dates. Direct booking through owner will avoid booking fees and owner will give discount to displaced Maui residents. Fully furnished.9/9/2023
Vacation Rental22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]Undisclosed8/23/2023
Vacation Rental22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo23001 and aboveYes<1[email protected]UndisclosedUnit intermittently available through Dec 2023. Unit has coin operated washers.8/23/2023
Vacation Rental22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo23001 and aboveYes2[email protected]Undisclosed9/2/2023
Vacation Rental22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished unit in non-smoking facility. Wheelchair accessible.8/28/2023
Vacation Rental21Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo23001 and aboveYes2[email protected]UndisclosedPlease email homeowner for more information. 8/15/2023
Vacation Rental22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes<1[email protected]808-276-23878/15/2023
Vacation Rental22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes12[email protected]Undisclosed8/15/2023
Vacation Rental22Kīhei-MākenaMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]Undisclosed8/16/2023
Vacation Rental33Kīhei-MākenaMauiYes33001 and aboveYes3[email protected]702-340-22379/30/2023
Vacation Rental44+Kīhei-MākenaMauiYes5+3001 and aboveYes6[email protected]562-453-66569/1/2023
Condominium12MolokaʻiMauiNo1Between 0 and 500Yes2[email protected]206-650-4453Condo up for sale so realtor might need to show it.8/18/2023
Condominium21MolokaʻiMauiNo1Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]UndisclosedUnit can sleep up to 6 people. One king bed, one full and a queen sleeper sofa. The unit is on the second floor with no elevator.9/20/2023
Condominium11MolokaʻiMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes12[email protected]714-822-0820The unit is fully furnished and pans and pots are also available in the unit for prospective renters.
Condominium11MolokaʻiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes3[email protected]UndisclosedNon-smoking building.9/8/2023
Condominium11MolokaʻiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]808-582-64758/22/2023
Condominium11MolokaʻiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected] Undisclosed8/20/2023
Condominium11MolokaʻiMauiYes13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]UndisclosedUnit is available after 9/1/23.9/1/2023
Single Family Home21MolokaʻiMauiNo2Between 1001 and 2000No4[email protected]310-567-761210/1/2023
Single Family Home32MolokaʻiMauiNo4Between 2001 and 3000No2[email protected]808-927-1632Fully furnished 3 bedroom house8/16/2023
Vacation Rental22MolokaʻiMauiNo1Between 501 and 1000Yes6[email protected]Undisclosed9/1/2023
Vacation Rental12MolokaʻiMauiYes1Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]808-551-3416Large recently renovated 2-story unit.8/20/2023
Vacation Rental11OtherMauiNo13001 and aboveYes<1[email protected]UndisclosedUnit is a vacation rental available on an intermittent basis. Please contact owner for availability. Rental rate to be negotiated between owner and tenant directly. Rental rate/duration may be on a nightly basis or longer. 8/23/2023
Vacation Rental22OtherMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]UndisclosedWe have opened up 2 months to help with fire impact. Listing 1046581 on VRBO, or book direct using email- discounted rates for displaced persons or FEMA, 4 guests; 5 okay if family has 3 small children8/25/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit11UpcountryMauiYes1Between 1001 and 2000Yes6[email protected]808-419-0972Text is best way to contact.9/1/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit21UpcountryMauiYes2Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]808-268-88439/15/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit21UpcountryMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000No6[email protected]Undisclosed8/16/2023
Apartment11UpcountryMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000No>12[email protected]617-763-95718/18/2023
Apartment22UpcountryMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]617-763-95718/18/2023
Apartment33UpcountryMauiNo33001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]617-763-95718/18/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11UpcountryMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000No3[email protected] Undisclosed8/15/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11UpcountryMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes12[email protected]808-264-9080Unit is separated by a single door attached to the main dwelling. Laundry is shared. Preference is for a single female occupant. Rent is $1,600.9/15/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11UpcountryMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/21/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11UpcountryMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]808-264-4270No smoking in unit, no pets and no drugs.8/21/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11UpcountryMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]808-276-8668600sf private accessible entrance + kitchen + accessible bathroom w/ double sinks, w/d, deck, yard. Parking is off street. Short term lease may be negotiated subject to agreement between owner and tenant. 8/17/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11UpcountryMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000No>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/26/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit21UpcountryMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes12[email protected]505-459-707210/5/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11UpcountryMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes3[email protected]Undisclosed8/18/2023
Room11UpcountryMauiNo1Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]808-214-88878/16/2023
Room11UpcountryMauiNo1Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]808-572-03368/14/2023
Room11UpcountryMauiNo0Between 501 and 1000Yes6[email protected]808-280-8188Small bedroom, suitable for one. No pets, but fine with anything caged. Street parking. We have an outdoor shower but only one bathroom inside.8/16/2023
Room11UpcountryMauiNo1Between 501 and 1000Yes3[email protected]UndisclosedOne bedroom in a house. Shared bathroom.8/16/2023
Room24+UpcountryMauiNo2Between 501 and 1000Yes6[email protected]808-280-1255Contact Tracy for other properties available8/21/2023
Room11UpcountryMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]808-264-37038/21/2023
Single Family Home11UpcountryMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes6[email protected]808-283-7602Furnished living room, bedroom and bath. Mini kitchen not furnished with accessories or refrigerator.9/30/2023
Single Family Home11UpcountryMauiYes1Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]808-620-8876A small dog okay.8/25/2023
Single Family Home11UpcountryMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes3[email protected]808-250-0583Room in a house ideal for single person. Makawao Home, private entrance, private bathroom.8/25/2023
Single Family Home21UpcountryMauiNo2Between 2001 and 3000No6[email protected]UndisclosedCottage available immediately. Flexible lease between 3 to 6 months or more.8/14/2023
Single Family Home21UpcountryMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]617-763-95718/18/2023
Single Family Home21UpcountryMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]617-763-95718/18/2023
Single Family Home31UpcountryMauiNo13001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]617-763-95718/18/2023
Single Family Home32UpcountryMauiNo23001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/26/2023
Single Family Home31UpcountryMauiNo13001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]206-745-26938/16/2023
Single Family Home31UpcountryMauiYes33001 and aboveYes12[email protected]Undisclosed8/17/2023
Single Family Home31UpcountryMauiNo13001 and aboveNo6[email protected]808-280-70908/23/2023
Single Family Home31UpcountryMauiNo13001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]206-745-26938/14/2023
Single Family Home54+UpcountryMauiYes23001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]419-490-6888Freshly renovated oversized home on 2 acre parcel close to Makawao.9/12/2023
Single Family Home54+UpcountryMauiNo5+3001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]617-763-95718/18/2023
Single Family Home6+4+UpcountryMauiNo5+3001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]617-763-95718/18/2023
Single Family Home6+4+UpcountryMauiNo5+3001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]617-763-95718/18/2023
Studio11UpcountryMauiNo2Between 501 and 1000Yes3[email protected]808-269-97708/19/2023
Vacation Rental11UpcountryMauiNo2Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]808-868-16518/15/2023
Vacation Rental11UpcountryMauiNo13001 and aboveYes<1[email protected]808-250-68918/14/2023
Vacation Rental11UpcountryMauiNo13001 and aboveNo3[email protected]808-280-70908/18/2023
Vacation Rental11UpcountryMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]808-280-70908/23/2023
Vacation Rental11UpcountryMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]Undisclosed8/21/2023
Vacation Rental22UpcountryMauiNo23001 and aboveYes<1[email protected]808-281-0293Intermittent short term occupancy arrangements are available, please contact owner. Due to the vacation rental nature of units, the rental duration can be arranged nightly or weekly. 9/3/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit11Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo2Between 1001 and 2000No1[email protected]UndisclosedSingle occupancy prefered.9/15/2023
Apartment11Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo1Between 501 and 1000No12[email protected] Undisclosed9/1/2023
Apartment11Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/15/2023
Apartment22Wailuku-KahuluiMauiYes1Between 2001 and 3000No12[email protected]808-856-2900This is an apartment complex called Waterfront Apartments at Kahului. Pets are allowed subject to breed restrictions, 1 pet per unit max. Multiple units are available. Contact the property manager for more information. The property website is Waterfrontkahului.com. 9/8/2023
Apartment11Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]UndisclosedFurnished Units, Split A/C, Newly Remodeled all utilities included. Non-smoking. Need 700 FICO score. 8/15/2023
Apartment33Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo23001 and aboveNo10[email protected]Undisclosed9/15/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo23001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]Undisclosed9/1/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit21Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo23001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]808-757-01009/27/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit31Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes12[email protected]UndisclosedWe are requesting that all the adults in the house will need to apply through TransUnion for a credit & background check.9/2/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit31Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo33001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/19/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit42Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo43001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]808-298-45519/1/2023
Condominium11Wailuku-KahuluiMauiYes0Between 0 and 500Yes>12[email protected]UndisclosedOne bedroom in a unit. Overnight parking available in commercial plaza below (5pm-7am daily)8/17/2023
Condominium11Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000No>12[email protected]808-727-0645Water/trash are included.10/1/2023
Condominium11Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes1[email protected]707-343-52408/15/2023
Room11Wailuku-KahuluiMauiYes1Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]UndisclosedThis is for temporary housing two weeks to two months8/16/2023
Room11Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo1Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]UndisclosedOne bed w/shared bath for 1 to 2 people. Small pet okay w/approval of existing pets. 1 off street parking for those wishing to live in their car.8/14/2023
Room11Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo0Between 501 and 1000Yes6[email protected]UndisclosedBedroom available in my house. I have dogs and cats. Street parking available.8/14/2023
Room23Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/15/2023
Single Family Home21Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo33001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]808 276 7525 Please call at least 24 hours in advance to schedule a viewing appointment. Pets under 8 pounds may be considered. 10/1/2023
Single Family Home32Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo23001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]808 276 7525 This unit includes a 1490 sq ft downstairs enclosure with a full laundry room that can be used as a den/office space/ or additional living area. Located in a small lot in Old Wailuku town across from Bailey's Museum. 10/30/2023
Single Family Home32Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo43001 and aboveNo>12[email protected] 808-276-75259/2/2023
Single Family Home31Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo33001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/20/2023
Vacation Rental22Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]808.727.0645Available until November 30, 2023.9/15/2023
Vacation Rental22Wailuku-KahuluiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished 2 bed, 2 bath vacation rental and available for terms of 1-3 months. Max 4 occupants9/9/2023
Vacation Rental22Wailuku-KahuluiMauiYes23001 and aboveYes3[email protected]UndisclosedIt’s vacation rental so the rent will be about $15,000 per month8/14/2023
Apartment11West MauiMauiYes1Between 2001 and 3000No12[email protected]9/15/2023
Apartment11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000No6[email protected]Undisclosed9/15/2023
Apartment11West MauiMauiYes1Between 2001 and 3000No12[email protected]256-500-0606Studio apartment.9/30/2023
Apartment11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]808-385-20149/20/2023
Apartment11West MauiMauiYes1Between 2001 and 3000No12[email protected]256-500-06068/31/2023
Apartment33West MauiMauiNo2Between 2001 and 3000No3[email protected]UndisclosedNo pets and no smoking. 8/24/2023
Apartment22West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveNo6[email protected]Undisclosed9/15/2023
Condominium22West MauiMauiNo2Between 1001 and 2000Yes1[email protected]Undisclosed8/21/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]253-670-8189Fully furnished! Cable, internet and power included. 9/19/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes3[email protected]408-482-50869/1/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]UndisclosedUnit possibly available Oct 1. Beach property. Please email homeowner if interested.10/1/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes4[email protected]Undisclosed8/25/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiYes1Between 2001 and 3000Yes8[email protected]801-554-62809/7/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]206-383-6797This is a studio condo that is fully furnished. There is no AC but ceiling fans and multiple floor fans; community laundry area; has a lanai.9/1/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes3[email protected]267-258-1982More information about the property will be provided by the owner through email.8/31/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes4[email protected]707-292-89768/14/2023
Condominium21West MauiMauiNo2Between 2001 and 3000No4[email protected]808-989-6369Available on April 1 and will be available for 8 months4/1/2024
Condominium22West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes2[email protected]206-999-95559/15/2023
Condominium34+West MauiMauiNo2Between 2001 and 3000Yes2[email protected]415-302-71511 parking stall in garage and 1 parking stall outside. Owner may be able to work with potential tenant on rental rate subject to agreement between tenant and owner. 8/15/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes12[email protected]808 276 7525 This unit is located in the Kaleialoha Condominium. It is oceanfront property with a pool, conierge, laundry facilities, grills, oceanfront dining, and 24/7 resident manager on property. 9/21/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]925-519-3858Studio unit available until Dec 20, 2023. Price is negotiable.9/4/2023
Condominium12West MauiMauiNo23001 and aboveYes4[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished with basic kitchen and AC.9/1/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes<1[email protected]360-430-43348/14/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]360-430-43348/14/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiYes13001 and aboveYes5[email protected]801-554-62808/15/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo5+3001 and aboveYes1[email protected]928-727-4959 Studio condo with full kitchen. Comes with queen bed and sleeper sofa. Available until Oct 2.8/19/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]Undisclosed9/1/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo23001 and aboveYes6[email protected]619-322-6774Studio condo unit on the ground floor with a queen bed and a pull out couch with a double bed. Shorter lease options are available starting at 3 months up to a maximum of 6 months. 8/16/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]206-353-6479Unit available between 9/7 and 10/7. This is a fully furnished studio with a queen bed plus queen sofa. It can sleep 4 people.8/15/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]Undisclosed8/16/2023
Condominium12West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveNo4[email protected]UndisclosedOne king bed, one queen pull out couch and one full pull out downstairs.8/17/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]Undisclosed8/21/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes4[email protected]Undisclosed8/21/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected] 907-830-80948/25/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes6[email protected]407-986-49178/15/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo23001 and aboveYes6[email protected]407-986-49178/15/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]Undisclosed8/20/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]UndisclosedThis unit is a studio with one king bed and a queen sized sofa sleeper. Maximum occupancy is 4 adults.8/17/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]UndisclosedThis unit is a studio with one king bed and a queen sized sofa sleeper. Maximum occupancy is 4 adults.8/17/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes12[email protected]707-738-48268/15/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]Undisclosed8/15/2023
Condominium11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes6[email protected]415-967-81728/15/2023
Condominium22West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]801-783-8353Shared housing, prefer 1 adult non smoking and no pets. Please text.9/6/2023
Condominium22West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]Undisclosed8/28/2023
Condominium22West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveNo3[email protected]619-726-99149/1/2023
Condominium21West MauiMauiNo03001 and aboveYes1[email protected]UndisclosedResort unit with unassigned parking available. Short-term rental only.8/16/2023
Condominium22West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]Undisclosed10/12/2023
Condominium22West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveNo3[email protected]Undisclosed8/24/2023
Condominium22West MauiMauiNo23001 and aboveYes2[email protected]UndisclosedUnit available 9/23/2023 to end of 11/2023.9/4/2023
Condominium21West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]Undisclosed8/21/2023
Condominium22West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]858-395-41239/1/2023
Condominium21West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes4[email protected]Undisclosed8/19/2023
Condominium21West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes4[email protected]Undisclosed8/19/2023
Condominium21West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes4[email protected]Undisclosed8/21/2023
Condominium22West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes6[email protected]415-967-81728/15/2023
Condominium21West MauiMauiYes13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]714-812-60258/14/2023
Condominium22West MauiMauiNo23001 and aboveYes6[email protected]407-986-49178/15/2023
Condominium22West MauiMauiNo23001 and aboveYes6[email protected]407-986-49178/15/2023
Condominium22West MauiMauiNo23001 and aboveYes6[email protected]407-986-49178/15/2023
Condominium22West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes6[email protected]415-967-81728/14/2023
Condominium33West MauiMauiNo23001 and aboveNo6[email protected]UndisclosedOpen to a 10 to 12 month lease. Unit doesn't have AC but includes laundry and dishwasher. Rent includes professional cleaning every two weeks.10/1/2023
Condominium33West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes12[email protected]415-572-2771Furnished 3 bedroom, 2 and a half bath with golf cart for use locally. Rent is $10,000.8/15/2023
Condominium33West MauiMauiNo23001 and aboveYes2[email protected]Undisclosed8/18/2023
Other11West MauiMauiYes0Between 0 and 500Yes2[email protected]808-280-6464This is a room in a co-ed dormitory with a shared bath, kitchen, and laundry. Not suitable for children due to low windows on second floor. Ideal for adults only. $300 per month; utilities included. Street parking is available. 8/31/2023
Room11West MauiMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes6[email protected]808-219-00009/1/2023
Room11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/28/2023
Single Family Home22West MauiMauiYes33001 and aboveNo3[email protected]808-359-75889/1/2023
Single Family Home6+4+West MauiMauiNo5+3001 and aboveYes6[email protected]Undisclosed8/15/2023
Studio11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes12[email protected]808-228-7447Beach front condo in Kahana, Maui with a queen-sized bed and sofa pull out. Duration of rental term is negotiable. 9/9/2023
Vacation Rental22West MauiMauiNo1Between 0 and 500Yes2[email protected]UndisclosedAvailable until 9/19/2023.9/1/2023
Vacation Rental21West MauiMauiNo1Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]510-329-04288/16/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo2Between 1001 and 2000Yes2[email protected]Undisclosed8/25/2023
Vacation Rental22West MauiMauiNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes2[email protected]808-298-19731 and 2 bed units. All units are equipped with sleeper sofas, towels, linens, and basic necessities.8/16/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiYes1Between 2001 and 3000Yes<1[email protected]UndisclosedAvailable 9/30 to 10/19. Daily rate of $159 per night. This is a studio with utilities included.9/30/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiYes1Between 2001 and 3000Yes6[email protected]424-388-9399Beginning October 1, 2023, there are 3 units available at this property. Pets need to be approved prior to occupancy. 2 units have a full kitchen with a full size refrigerator, and 1 unit does not have a full kitchen. 10/1/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo2Between 2001 and 3000Yes2[email protected]808-866-44648/28/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes<1[email protected]623-202-2833Available beginning Oct 1, 2023 on an intermittent basis. Contact owner directly to discuss dates of availability. Nightly rate is $70.10/1/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes4[email protected]Undisclosed8/28/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]925-698-11148/16/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]925-698-1114 8/16/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes5[email protected]UndisclosedThis oceanfront condo is my second home and I use it as a vacation rental when I am not there. It has incredible ocean views. It is suitable for only 1 or 2 people. The complex has a pool, sundecks, shuffle board, washer/dryer, and free parking. There is a resident manager. Smoking and pets are not allowed.8/16/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo0Between 2001 and 3000Yes3[email protected]808-281-72079/1/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes2[email protected]832-687-3747This is a fully furnished ocean front condo with all kitchen amenities, linen, towels and on a property with a pool and tennis courts8/16/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes2[email protected]714 936-96988/18/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiYes1Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]323-314-37438/21/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes3[email protected]Undisclosed8/19/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes12[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished STVR with all new interior, price includes utilities, cable, Wi-Fi. No smoking or pets. Ground unit. Professional cleaning every 2 weeks Included.
Ocean front property
*** Rental duration is 6-12 months*** Contact for more details.
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished 1 bed, 1 bath vacation rental. Available 1 to 3 months. Max 3 occupants.9/13/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished 1 bed, 1 bath vacation rental. Available 1 to 3 months. Max 2 occupants.9/12/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished 1 bed, 1 bathroom vacation rental and available for terms of 1-3 months. Max 2 occupants.9/8/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished studio and available for terms of 1-3 months. Max 2 occupants.9/18/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected] Undisclosed9/8/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiYes13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]562 728-33398/28/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]860-405-49318/17/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes4[email protected]UndisclosedFully equipped kitchen and in-unit laundry.8/21/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo23001 and aboveYes6[email protected]Undisclosed9/1/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo23001 and aboveYes2[email protected]760-979-3385Available for about 6 weeks.8/14/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo23001 and aboveYes6[email protected]808-457-8657This is a studio.9/1/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]415-418-42438/18/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]808-463-49798/15/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]808-463-49798/15/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]808-463-49798/15/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]808-463-49798/15/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]UndisclosedRent negotiable.8/14/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo03001 and aboveYes2[email protected]UndisclosedPlease contact me for details.8/23/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiYes23001 and aboveYes2[email protected]818-802-75418/23/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]808-866-75668/21/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]858-395-41238/20/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes4[email protected]Undisclosed9/9/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes4510-703-74608/21/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]Undisclosed8/21/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]UndisclosedNo smoking and one paid parking.8/15/2023
Vacation Rental11West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]Undisclosed8/14/2023
Vacation Rental22West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected] UndisclosedFully furnished 2 bed, 2 bath vacation rental and available for terms of 1-3 months. Max 5 occupants.9/8/2023
Vacation Rental21West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished 2 bed, 1 bath vacation rental and available for terms of 1-3 months. Max 4 occupants.9/8/2023
Vacation Rental22West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished 2 bed, 2 bath vacation rental and available for terms of 1-3 months. Max 4 occupants.9/8/2023
Vacation Rental21West MauiMauiNo23001 and aboveYes3[email protected]Undisclosed$5,000 per month. Ohana unit, fully furnished above three car garage, gated, W/D, 1 garage & 1 outside parking. Includes electricity, water & Direct TV.9/1/2023
Vacation Rental21West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes<1[email protected]310-977-0202Duration of availability may be negotiated directly with owner. 8/28/2023
Vacation Rental21West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes<1[email protected]310-977-0202Duration of availability may be negotiated directly with owner. 8/28/2023
Vacation Rental21West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes<1[email protected]310-977-0202Duration of availability may be negotiated directly with owner. 8/28/2023
Vacation Rental22West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]310-980-195810/6/2023
Vacation Rental21West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]310-980-19589/2/2023
Vacation Rental22West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]310-980-19589/15/2023
Vacation Rental22West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveNo1[email protected]UndisclosedNo assigned parking but street parking available. There are uncanceled bookings during the coming month but could open up for a displaced household.8/18/2023
Vacation Rental22West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]808-344-3202 or
Will arrange parking with AOAO.8/26/2023
Vacation Rental21West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]Undisclosed8/24/2023
Vacation Rental22West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes4[email protected]Undisclosed8/21/2023
Vacation Rental21West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]306-291-5991No animals we have severe allergies. No more then 4 guests allowed. Unit must be professionally cleaned at least once every 2 weeks. Owner will provide professional cleanning vendor. House rules must be followed. Owners are open to possibly extending the length of the lease. 8/17/2023
Vacation Rental22West MauiMauiYes23001 and aboveNo1[email protected]808-463-49798/15/2023
Vacation Rental22West MauiMauiNo03001 and aboveYes3[email protected]808-344-32028/17/2023
Vacation Rental33West MauiMauiNo23001 and aboveYes2[email protected]425-205-3199New two stories golf villa fully furnished with 3 bed/3 bath and bonus room with sleeper sofa.9/1/2023
Vacation Rental32West MauiMauiNo23001 and aboveYes2[email protected]425-205-3199Private 2 story Golf Villa with 3 bed/2 baths and fully remodeled. Two rooms with kings beds and 3rd with two full beds. Two large lanais. W/D inside the unit.8/15/2023
Vacation Rental33West MauiMauiNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]Undisclosed8/14/2023
Apartment11OahuHonoluluNo2Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]808-782-82828/21/2023
Condominium21OahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000No12[email protected]808-388-94348/15/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluYes2Between 501 and 1000Yes12[email protected]808-225-6206Studio unit.9/1/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluYes2Between 501 and 1000Yes>12[email protected]671-727-0986Private single room shack with bathroom in East Oahu. Hot water pending. I like it there, but it is not for everybody. It9/7/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 501 and 1000Yes2[email protected]315-406-8582ADU, w/full bath (no kitchen), separate entrance, shared backyard (owner has dogs) Street parking.8/16/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes6[email protected]UndisclosedFurnished studio in Hawaii Kai8/14/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes12[email protected]Undisclosed8/16/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 1001 and 2000Yes3[email protected]UndisclosedAttached large studio with separate entrance and bathroom. Furnished, fridge, microwave, bed. Grocery store, bank, library, school, Starbucks, bus line are nearby.8/14/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 1001 and 2000Yes3[email protected]Undisclosed8/21/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]808-864-36659/18/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluYes2Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]UndisclosedUnit is new, furnished and has never been rented. Includes kitchen & laundry.8/15/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 2001 and 3000Yes3[email protected]808-348-88558/14/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]808-782-6624Fully Furnished.9/5/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo13001 and aboveYes2[email protected]808-489-3882Fully furnished, includes dishware.11/1/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit21OʻahuHonoluluYes33001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]808-220-4485Completely furnished unit in Manoa Valley.9/1/2023
Apartment11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 0 and 500No>12[email protected]808-371-2567Must be 62 Yrs or older. HUD SECTION 202 30%.OF YOUR INCOME8/26/2023
Apartment11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]Undisclosed8/15/2023
Apartment11OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 501 and 1000No6[email protected]Undisclosed10/14/2023
Apartment11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes12[email protected]808-255-86719/10/2023
Apartment11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000No12[email protected]808-782-6811First month's rent is waived, security dep. only due the first month. Water & sewer included in rent.8/16/2023
Apartment11OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 1001 and 2000Yes12[email protected]808-439-62869/18/2023
Apartment11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000No12[email protected]808-388-94348/14/2023
Apartment11OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 1001 and 2000Yes12[email protected]808-259-5649This is a low-income housing apartment complex. Interested persons must meet income requirements. FEMA disaster letters are needed to prioritize displaced persons over other eligible applicants. Multiple units are available. Please contact the property. 8/25/2023
Apartment11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes1[email protected]Undisclosed8/19/2023
Apartment11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000No1[email protected]808-888-5287Section 8 based apartments8/25/2023
Apartment11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000No12[email protected]808-591-88088/14/2023
Apartment11OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 1001 and 2000Yes12[email protected]Undisclosed(5) 1 bedroom units are available. 8/14/2023
Apartment11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000No>12[email protected]808-591-88088/14/2023
Apartment21OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]Undisclosed11/1/2023
Apartment21OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 1001 and 2000No12[email protected] 808-839-0341Possibility of shorter term rentals subject to agreement between owner and tenant. Units may be 2 BR, 1 BR, or studio apartments. Call for availability. 8/16/2023
Apartment22OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000No12[email protected]Undisclosed8/1/2023
Apartment11OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]8/18/2023
Apartment11OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]808-782-82828/17/2023
Apartment22OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000No3[email protected]UndisclosedUnit located on Oahu. Rent ranges is between $2,700 and $3,000.9/15/2023
Apartment21OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 2001 and 3000Yes12[email protected]UndisclosedMinimum lease term is 1 year, with option to extend, subject to owner and tenant agreement. 8/14/2023
Apartment22OʻahuHonoluluYes13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]UndisclosedProperty is available until November 30, 2023 and is located near bus line. 9/2/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 0 and 500Yes2[email protected]808-594-8819This is a small, partially furnished studio apartment/ ohana unit that sleeps 2-3 people. Small pet ok, there is a yard but it isn't fenced in and we are on a busy road. Convenient to H3, Pali, and Likelike. Separate entrance from the main home with a small kitchen. Option to extend beyond 2 months subject to agreement between tenant and owner. 8/14/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 0 and 500Yes2[email protected]Undisclosed9/11/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]UndisclosedNo pets
Street parking
Unit available for 1 month. ID required.
Please contact owner via email for more information
Attached Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 0 and 500Yes2[email protected]402-432-14788/14/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 1001 and 2000Yes12[email protected]UndisclosedLow ceiling height.8/16/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes6[email protected]808-728-44079/1/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluYes0Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]UndisclosedPets are ok depending on size, etc…but prefer not to.9/10/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes1[email protected]Undisclosed8/14/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes3[email protected]UndisclosedGenerally interested in anything three months and longer 9/6/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]808-782-6624Fully Furnished.8/30/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes1[email protected]808-389-25858/23/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluYes3Between 2001 and 3000Yes4[email protected]UndisclosedLooking help a family of 4.8/15/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11OʻahuHonoluluNo3Between 2001 and 3000Yes6[email protected]808-224-36688/14/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit21OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes12[email protected]808 358-85299/1/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit21OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 2001 and 3000Yes6[email protected]808-561-1730Month to month no lease contract, furnished with essentials9/4/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit21OʻahuHonoluluYes2Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]Undisclosed~600 sq ft, W/D in unit, private yard, in Kailua on Oahu across the street from a park.9/26/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit21OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/17/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit12OʻahuHonoluluYes23001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]808-954-6435Fully furnished.8/15/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit21OʻahuHonoluluYes23001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]808-954-6435Fully Furnished.8/15/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit21OʻahuHonoluluNo23001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]808-489-3882Downstairs of main house. Fully furnished w/ dishes.9/7/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit32OʻahuHonoluluNo23001 and aboveYes6[email protected]UndisclosedRight next to the beach. Fully furnished. 2 queens and 1 full bed.9/27/2023
Condominium12OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 0 and 500Yes>12[email protected]508-681-52469/22/2023
Condominium11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 0 and 500Yes<1[email protected]Undisclosed1 bedroom / 1 bathroom available in shared dwelling. Preference is for a single female nonsmoker occupant who must be okay with small dog in the home. Arrangements are available through Sept 4 with a possibility to return near the end of Sept. Owner is not charging rent. 8/15/2023
Condominium11OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 0 and 500Yes12[email protected]808-670-22009/15/2023
Condominium21OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 0 and 500Yes12[email protected]Undisclosed8/20/2023
Condominium11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 501 and 1000No12[email protected]937-760-66569/24/2023
Condominium12OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 501 and 1000Yes3[email protected]808-271-63928/14/2023
Condominium21OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 501 and 1000Yes6[email protected]Undisclosed8/14/2023
Condominium11OʻahuHonoluluYes0Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]UndisclosedFurnished room in a 2 bed unit (Whole unit is available if needed - 2 bed, 2 bath). No smoking. Vehicular parking available to rent. Free bike parking. Length negotiable 2-6 months to start and could possibly extend depending on your needs 1-2 dogs ok.9/2/2023
Condominium11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes4[email protected]Undisclosed9/8/2023
Condominium11OʻahuHonoluluYes0Between 1001 and 2000No12[email protected]808-308-32868/15/2023
Condominium11OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 1001 and 2000No>12[email protected]Undisclosed9/15/2023
Condominium21OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes6[email protected]201-423-4634Apply thru Zillow or rent.com9/10/2023
Condominium11OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]UndisclosedOne pet allowed, subject to owner's approval.8/14/2023
Condominium11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes1[email protected]808-282-7253Studio for 1 month only. One queen bed, non-smoking, 1 parking9/1/2023
Condominium11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]UndisclosedCondo can be fully furnished; cable and water is part of building, renter to pay for electricity.9/11/2023
Condominium11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes2[email protected]541-619-33429/3/2023
Condominium21OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes6[email protected]732-996-7817Fully Furnished.9/11/2023
Condominium21OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]UndisclosedUnit is fully furnished. No A/C. Laundry in unit. Wifi, Basic Cable & Electricity included.11/1/2023
Condominium21OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000No12[email protected]Undisclosed8/16/2023
Condominium22OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]808-228-31432 bedroom/2 bath available on Oahu as of Sept 8th. Please call property manager. 9/8/2023
Condominium22OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 2001 and 3000Yes12[email protected]408-839-5936Email or Text best way to get in contact with owner.9/4/2023
Condominium21OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 2001 and 3000Yes6[email protected]510-913-46109/12/2023
Condominium22OʻahuHonoluluYes2Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected] 808-680-9789Located on OAHU
4 units available immediately - 2 bd. / 1.5 bath
3 more units available as of August 31
1 unit available Sept 1.
Please call property management company for more information.
Condominium21OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 2001 and 3000Yes6[email protected]973-396-6172Car available for use. Insurance through Turo if needed.8/27/2023
Condominium32OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]808-466-4933We have 1, 2, & 3 bedroom units available, call 808-550-0440 (then press 2) or 808-466-4933 to inquire.8/15/2023
Condominium32OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes3[email protected]808-859-8100Great Marco Polo
4 spaces in 3 bedroom condo for 1-7 persons (Lanai $600 1 twin; Mtn view room $1200-$1500 1 queen bed; Ocean view room $1600-$1900 2 queen beds; Master $2500-$2800 1 queen bed); air mattresses available, parking possible, cars for sale
Condominium11OʻahuHonoluluNo13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]808-349-3336 or
Various Class A units available for rent.8/18/2023
Condominium11OʻahuHonoluluNo13001 and aboveYes3[email protected]UndisclosedOccupancy is 2 maximum.9/10/2023
Condominium11OʻahuHonoluluNo03001 and aboveYes3[email protected]Undisclosed9/1/2023
Condominium22OʻahuHonoluluYes23001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]UndisclosedThis is a fully Furnished 2x bedroom 2x bathroom Townhouse/ Condo in Kailua. Master bedroom has a King, the 2nd bedroom has 2x twin beds and a double bed. Located on the windward side of Oahu. Small Doggie is OK 2x parking spots , BBQ, Pool and Jacuzzi. airbnb.com/h/tommyshawaiihouse9/12/2023
Condominium21OʻahuHonoluluNo13001 and aboveYes6[email protected]717-802-0638Fully Furnished Property in Waikiki available starting Sept 1st and onwards. Has stairs for entry, no wheelchair lift available.9/1/2023
Condominium22OʻahuHonoluluYes23001 and aboveNo6[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished9/1/2023
Condominium22OʻahuHonoluluNo23001 and aboveNo6[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished8/28/2023
Condominium22OʻahuHonoluluNo13001 and aboveNo3[email protected]808-688-75389/1/2023
Condominium21OʻahuHonoluluNo13001 and aboveYes4[email protected]UndisclosedMax occupancy for unit is 4 people per HOA. Unit is 950 SF9/5/2023
Other6+2OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 0 and 500Yes6[email protected]808-696-2655Seven bed 2 bath shared housing unit. The unit has a communal living room, dining room, and kitchen. ouse.8/16/2023
Other11OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 501 and 1000Yes>12[email protected]808-308-5291Various locations on Oahu only. Street parking available and most locations. Hawai'i Intergenerational Network - Homesharing Hawai'i program. 8/23/2023
Other11OʻahuHonoluluYes0Between 501 and 1000Yes5[email protected]Undisclosed8/15/2023
Other21OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 501 and 1000Yes12[email protected]UndisclosedProperty is a single family home shared with owners. 2 bedrooms are available. Property owner may be able to provide a vehicle, if needed. Please email for more information. 8/21/2023
Other6+4+OʻahuHonoluluNo5+Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]808-395-1000 ext 231This is a long-term care facility for kupuna who are assessed to require assistance with their activities of daily living.8/16/2023
Other11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]808-236-7827Housing is available for senior (55+) only. Independent living and assisted living options are available. Meals are included. Possible air fare expenses can be included, please inquire8/21/2023
Other21OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 2001 and 3000No4[email protected]UndisclosedThis is a duplex unit in back of another unit in Hauula not Honolulu.8/20/2023
Other44+OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 2001 and 3000Yes11[email protected]808-221-17478/15/2023
Other6+1OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 2001 and 3000Yes<1[email protected]Undisclosed8/22/2023
Other6+4+OʻahuHonoluluNo5+Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]Undisclosed9/1/2023
Room11OʻahuHonoluluYes0Between 0 and 500Yes3[email protected](808) 944-5004Street parking is available.8/23/2023
Room11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 0 and 500Yes3[email protected]UndisclosedDwelling is a large room separate from the main house, but without its own water. Residents would need to walk across the driveway to the main house to use the shared bathroom and kitchen. Dwelling has a lofted queen bed and twin trundle bed (can accommodate up to 4 people). The room has a small refrigerator, there is also a full refrigerator in the garage/carport. In the main house is a family with young children and a couple of young professionals who live downstairs. We share food costs by all pitching in for Costco groceries. Interested persons can keep their own food if not interested in sharing Costco groceries. We are a Christian community but happy to welcome anyone of different beliefs. 8/15/2023
Room12OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 0 and 500Yes3[email protected]Undisclosed8/19/2023
Room11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 0 and 500Yes2[email protected]UndisclosedIn-law suite with separate entrance.8/21/2023
Room11OʻahuHonoluluYes0Between 0 and 500Yes3[email protected]707-292-27598/16/2023
Room11OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 0 and 500Yes<1[email protected]408-206-48289/9/2023
Room11OʻahuHonoluluYes0Between 0 and 500Yes3[email protected]808-647-4044The open bedroom could possibly accommodate 2 people but is likely best for 1. The property owners have 1 cat so please keep this in mind for those with pets. 8/21/2023
Room12OʻahuHonoluluYes5+Between 0 and 500Yes6[email protected]Undisclosed8/15/2023
Room11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]Undisclosed8/14/2023
Room21OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 0 and 500Yes6[email protected]571-331-04168/14/2023
Room22OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 0 and 500Yes2[email protected]808-256-2743Owner is sharing room in her home, which opens up to a playground via the back yard. 9/2/2023
Room22OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 0 and 500Yes2[email protected]UndisclosedDownstairs unit of single family home.8/21/2023
Room11OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 501 and 1000Yes1[email protected]808-689-37988/20/2023
Room13OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 501 and 1000Yes4[email protected]808-382-49598/21/2023
Room12OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 501 and 1000Yes8[email protected]808-364-52738/15/2023
Room11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 501 and 1000Yes9[email protected]Undisclosed8/15/2023
Room11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 501 and 1000Yes3[email protected]808-807-78338/13/2023
Room23OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 501 and 1000Yes6[email protected](808) 230-5939If interested in this property 8/20/2023
Room32OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 501 and 1000No6[email protected]808-600-9739These are Single Rooms only. Shared common kitchen, laundry and bathroom areas; A/C; Utilities $150/mth.; near Bus Line 53.8/17/2023
Room13OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]253-205-48278/25/2023
Room11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes2[email protected]UndisclosedThis is a studio apartment, private entrance, private bath, small kitchen area.8/21/2023
Room11OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]UndisclosedLarge bedroom with kitchenette, private bathroom and private entrance. The unit is attached to my home but completely private with no shared living space.8/26/2023
Room12OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 1001 and 2000Yes12[email protected]808-558-37471 Bed available on Oahu
Available for 1-2 people with possibility of infant as well.
Willing to accept pets
Can pick up from airport.
Walking distance from Ross and Foodland.
Room11OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 1001 and 2000Yes3[email protected]Undisclosed9/12/2023
Room11OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 1001 and 2000Yes2[email protected]808-221-09219/9/2023
Room12OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 1001 and 2000Yes5[email protected]Undisclosed8/21/2023
Room12OʻahuHonoluluYes2Between 1001 and 2000Yes4[email protected]Undisclosed8/15/2023
Room11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000No>12[email protected] 808-754-3213Must love animals. Primary tenant has 2 dogs and 2 cats. Due to shared living space, preference is for a single female occupant. 8/25/2023
Room22OʻahuHonoluluNo3Between 1001 and 2000Yes6[email protected]Undisclosed2 rooms available for rent. 1 room has an attached, private bathroom. The other room shares a bathroom with the rest of the house. The house has a total of 3 bedrooms however only 2 are available. Preference is for single occupants without children. Ample parking is available. 8/17/2023
Room22OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 1001 and 2000Yes6[email protected]808-351-32092 bedrooms available8/16/2023
Room21OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes3 [email protected]UndisclosedTwo bedrooms/1 bath available in owner-occupied house.8/14/2023
Room22OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]808-859-81008/14/2023
Room24+OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]808-892-89858/14/2023
Single Family Home1OʻahuHonoluluYes0Between 0 and 500Yes6[email protected]808-988-69699/1/2023
Single Family Home12OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 0 and 500Yes6[email protected]808-520-74648/16/2023
Single Family Home11OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 0 and 500Yes2[email protected]UndisclosedThis is a studio apartment, private entrance, private bath, small kitchen area.8/15/2023
Single Family Home11OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]UndisclosedResident of Palolo Valley, Honolulu. One room in home that could be made available for free to 1-2 people needing temporary housing. The room could be available for approximately one month. During this time our household will have three people residing in it. Note that transportation cannot be provided, and the house is approximately 1.5 miles away from a street with bus service.9/16/2023
Single Family Home11OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 0 and 500Yes2[email protected]Undisclosed8/14/2023
Single Family Home21OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 0 and 500Yes2[email protected]808-554-08338/18/2023
Single Family Home22OʻahuHonoluluYes2Between 0 and 500Yes>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/16/2023
Single Family Home32OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]808-542-26189/9/2023
Single Family Home32OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]Undisclosed8/16/2023
Single Family Home42OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 0 and 500Yes<1[email protected]UndisclosedHouse is available August 14-30. $0 rent. No rent, just $300 for the housekeeper.8/14/2023
Single Family Home13OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 501 and 1000Yes4[email protected]253-205-48278/25/2923
Single Family Home11OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 501 and 1000Yes3[email protected]Undisclosed8/17/2023
Single Family Home11OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 501 and 1000Yes>12[email protected]Undisclosed9/11/2023
Single Family Home11OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 501 and 1000Yes3[email protected]808-221-80958/15/2023
Single Family Home11OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 501 and 1000Yes>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/15/2023
Single Family Home13OʻahuHonoluluNo4Between 501 and 1000Yes3[email protected]808-782-20038/16/2023
Single Family Home11OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 1001 and 2000Yes12[email protected]808-292-8224This is a fully furnished unit located on Oahu's North Shore in Pupukea just up from Shark's Cove and Foodland super market. It is private and quiet. The unit does not have a full kitchen but has everything needed to prepare meals (comparable to a hotel suite). The unit is currently occupied but can be vacated with 1 months' time. A car is recommended. High speed internet comes with the unit. The unit is best suited for a single individuals. 10/15/2023
Single Family Home11OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 1001 and 2000Yes6[email protected]UndisclosedStreet parking is available.9/1/2023
Single Family Home11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/14/2023
Single Family Home21OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 1001 and 2000Yes10[email protected]Undisclosed8/27/2023
Single Family Home21OʻahuHonoluluYes0Between 1001 and 2000Yes6[email protected]Undisclosed8/16/2023
Single Family Home21OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]808-462-26998/16/2023
Single Family Home33OʻahuHonoluluYes2Between 1001 and 2000Yes5[email protected]Undisclosed8/20/2023
Single Family Home42OʻahuHonoluluYes2Between 1001 and 2000No12 [email protected]808-484-33269/30/2023
Single Family Home42OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 1001 and 2000Yes1[email protected]951-294-18489/9/2023
Single Family Home43OʻahuHonoluluYes4Between 1001 and 2000Yes6[email protected]808-265-548010/1/2023
Single Family Home21OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 2001 and 3000Yes6[email protected]UndisclosedUnit will be fully furnished. Unit is available for free between 8/21 - 9/9 for a family with no pets that would be willing to pet sit for my dog and 2 cats. I am vacating the unit completely by 9/10 and it will be available to rent to someone with pets after that (but there is a dog who lives on the property so it would be best if your pets get along with other dogs). Please text owner if interested.9/8/2023
Single Family Home31OʻahuHonoluluYes5+Between 2001 and 3000No6[email protected]UndisclosedElectric is the responsibility of the tenant however water is included. Ample parking is available. Pets are allowed but preference is for an outdoor pet. Inside pets will need to be approved by the owner prior to entry. Please contact owner. 8/17/2023
Single Family Home31OʻahuHonoluluNo3Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]808-636-3906 8/16/2023
Single Family Home32OʻahuHonoluluYes4Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/21/2023
Single Family Home33OʻahuHonoluluYes5+Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]808-425-05029/1/2023
Single Family Home31OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 2001 and 3000Yes2[email protected]808-225-1219 8/16/2023
Single Family Home42OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 2001 and 3000No12[email protected] 808-627-0131 No calls before 6:00 am and after 8:00 pm10/1/2023
Single Family Home6+4+OʻahuHonoluluYes5+Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]UndisclosedRate is per room, each room comes with private bathroom. One pet allowed, subject to owner's approval.8/14/2023
Single Family Home11OʻahuHonoluluYes13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]310-701-1013Units are located in an upscale neighborhood with an accessible boat launch. 2 blocks away from convenience stores, located close to windward mall/starbucks. Qty 2 1 br/1 bathroom units are available. Unit A does not allow for pets and rents for $4,000/month. Unit B would allow a dog and rents for $3,500/month and has a large backyard. 7 minutes away from 3 freeways - Likelike, Pali, and H3. 8/23/2023
Single Family Home21OʻahuHonoluluYes13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]808-208-7726Street parking available.10/1/2023
Single Family Home21OʻahuHonoluluNo13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]850-819-0625Two rooms in a single family home. You will have access to a full bath, private living area, and kitchen as we have our own on the other side of the property. Washer and dryer available. We have children and a small dog, we would love to accommodate a small family and help bring some joy to your life in these challenging times.10/1/2023
Single Family Home21OʻahuHonoluluYes13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]Undisclosed2 bedroom single story bungalow with beach access. Not ADA compliant, small set of steps leading to the front door. Pets are welcome, included in utilities.9/1/2023
Single Family Home21OʻahuHonoluluYes13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]Undisclosed2 bedroom single story bungalow with beach access. Not ADA compliant, small set of steps leading to the front door. Pets are welcome, included in utilities.9/1/2023
Single Family Home21OʻahuHonoluluYes13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]Undisclosed2 bedroom single story bungalow with beach access. Not ADA compliant, small set of steps leading to the front door. Pets are welcome, included in utilities.9/1/2023
Single Family Home21OʻahuHonoluluYes13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]808-247-9135Unit A is 1 bed, 1 bath, 1 parking. Asking $4,000 per month. Unit B is a cottage with 1 bath and street parking. Asking $3,500 per month. Both fully furnished and includes utilities, Wi-Fi and TV.. Text 310-701-1013.8/25/2023
Single Family Home21OʻahuHonoluluYes13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]Undisclosed2 bedroom single story bungalow with beach access. Not ADA compliant, small set of steps leading to the front door. Pets are welcome, included in utilities.9/1/2023
Single Family Home21OʻahuHonoluluYes13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]Undisclosed2 bedroom single story bungalow with beach access. Not ADA compliant, small set of steps leading to the front door. Pets are welcome, included in utilities.9/1/2023
Single Family Home21OʻahuHonoluluYes13001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]Undisclosed2 bedroom single story bungalow with beach access. Not ADA compliant, small set of steps leading to the front door. Pets are welcome, included in utilities.9/1/2023
Single Family Home21OʻahuHonoluluNo23001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]808-954-6435Fully Furnished.8/15/2023
Single Family Home32OʻahuHonoluluNo23001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]808-398-41949/19/2023
Single Family Home31OʻahuHonoluluYes23001 and aboveYes6[email protected]562-453-66569/1/2023
Single Family Home32OʻahuHonoluluNo23001 and aboveYes6[email protected]808-271-1831Monthly rent and term are flexible. Fully furnished single-family home. Ideal for a family of up to 4 - 6 people. 8/28/2023
Single Family Home32OʻahuHonoluluYes5+3001 and aboveYes2[email protected]UndisclosedOwner is willing to rent out their downstairs while owner will stay in the upstairs portion, which has a separate unit. Owner is there part time. Can stay longer than 2 months8/14/2023
Single Family Home33OʻahuHonoluluNo23001 and aboveNo2[email protected]Undisclosed9/24/2023
Single Family Home32OʻahuHonoluluYes5+3001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]UndisclosedHouse is on a 5 Acre fruit farm in North Shore Oahu9/1/2023
Single Family Home31OʻahuHonoluluNo33001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]UndisclosedOur property is newly renovated, all new appliances and fully furnished.8/16/2023
Single Family Home31OʻahuHonoluluYes23001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]916-549-13508/14/2023
Single Family Home42OʻahuHonoluluYes43001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]208-313-5770$15,000.00 per month and includes utilities.8/22/2023
Single Family Home43OʻahuHonoluluYes5+3001 and aboveYes12[email protected]808-342-610610/1/2023
Single Family Home43OʻahuHonoluluYes23001 and aboveYes12[email protected]808-728-18058/22/2023
Single Family Home42OʻahuHonoluluNo43001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]Undisclosed9/8/2023
Single Family Home42OʻahuHonoluluNo23001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]808-954-6435Fully Furnished.8/21/2023
Single Family Home42OʻahuHonoluluYes23001 and aboveYes1[email protected]808-277-50058/14/2023
Single Family Home53OʻahuHonoluluNo33001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/20/2023
Single Family Home54+OʻahuHonoluluNo33001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]808-954-6435Fully Furnished.8/15/2023
Single Family Home53OʻahuHonoluluNo5+3001 and aboveNo12[email protected]UndisclosedHome is fully furnished8/14/2023
Single Family Home53OʻahuHonoluluYes43001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]808-389-19898/15/2023
Vacation Rental11OʻahuHonoluluNo2Between 0 and 500Yes<1[email protected]808-225-9787Second floor apt, 1000 sq. ft. with a 400 sq. ft. lanai. Fully furnished, full kitchen private laundry, 2 queen beds and a pack and play. Can accommodate 4.8/14/2023
Vacation Rental32OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 501 and 1000No6[email protected]Undisclosed3/2/2024
Vacation Rental11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes1[email protected]UndisclosedSafe and lovely location. 24/7 security. On bus line. Central AC, cable and WIFI included. Makaha Valley Towers.

Please email for initial contact if interested in property. Property is located on Oahu and is immediately available for 3 months until early November. Owner is eager to offer temporary housing for Maui survivors. Owner is currently out of state with a 4 hour time difference ahead of Hawaii time zone.
Vacation Rental11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000No>12[email protected]808-389-22128/19/2023
Vacation Rental22OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes6[email protected]Undisclosed9/1/2023
Vacation Rental32OʻahuHonoluluNo3Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]Undisclosed9/1/2023
Vacation Rental11OʻahuHonoluluNo0Between 2001 and 3000Yes12[email protected]808-203-83389/6/2023
Vacation Rental11OʻahuHonoluluNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes2[email protected]808-394-16048/30/2023
Vacation Rental11OʻahuHonoluluYes1Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]808-757-43308/14/2023
Vacation Rental11OʻahuHonoluluNo03001 and aboveYes6[email protected]Undisclosed9/1/2023
Vacation Rental33OʻahuHonoluluNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]206-478-32388/17/2023
Vacation Rental33OʻahuHonoluluNo43001 and aboveYes5[email protected]843-535-73332 full bathrooms and 1/2 bathroom. Duration of lease may be extended subject to owner and tenant agreement. There is pool access but alcohol is not allowed by the pool. No smoking allowed. 8/21/2023
Vacation Rental42OʻahuHonoluluYes33001 and aboveNo1[email protected]808-498-15608/23/2023
Vacation Rental43OʻahuHonoluluNo43001 and aboveYes3[email protected]Undisclosed9/4/2023
Room22HonoluluNo2Between 2001 and 3000No12[email protected]808-388-94348/15/2023
Room21Hawaii IslandHawaii IslandYes1Yes1[email protected]808-990-3612The home can be viewed through Airbnb at https://airbnb.com/h/tomandtbone. There is a double bed and a twin bed available for use. Perfect for a family of up to 3 people. 11/1/2023
Single Family Home32Hawaii IslandHawaii IslandNo2Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]Undisclosed9/12/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo4Between 1001 and 2000Yes6[email protected]Undisclosed8/14/2023
Accessory Dwelling Unit21Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo2Between 2001 and 3000Yes6[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished with washer and dryer inside the unit. Pets may be negotiable but owner has 4 outside dogs already. Rent may be negotiable. The duration and pricing of the rental may be adjusted subject to owner and tenant agreement. Contact owner directly. 8/14/2023
Apartment22Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo2Between 1001 and 2000No1[email protected]Undisclosed8/14/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo1Between 0 and 500Yes6[email protected]303-359-9639Studio apartment above garage with efficiency kitchen.8/19/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo2Between 0 and 500Yes3[email protected]Undisclosed8/17/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo1Between 0 and 500Yes3[email protected]Undisclosed8/14/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]UndisclosedSingle occupancy, electric covered up to $200/month.9/1/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit14+Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes12[email protected]808-785-2355Pets will be considered.8/15/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes2Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]808-633-19448/21/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit21Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo2Between 2001 and 3000Yes12[email protected]Undisclosed8/23/2023
Condominium22Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo1Between 0 and 500Yes2[email protected]858-733-0364Available now until the end of Sept 2023.8/15/2023
Condominium11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo0Between 501 and 1000Yes<1541-974-6616 9/6/2023
Condominium11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo2Between 1001 and 2000Yes6[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished studio. Includes utilities and security. Could be made available sooner if requested.10/1/2023
Condominium11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes1Between 1001 and 2000Yes1[email protected]UndisclosedInquire for availability, short-term only. Condo requires pets have veterinarian clearance.9/4/2023
Condominium11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo1Between 2001 and 3000No6[email protected]704-575-2407Electricity and Internet/TV are the utilities that are not included.8/24/2023
Condominium11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo13001 and aboveYes6[email protected]UndisclosedModern kitchen, secure access condo, close to most everything9/15/2023
Condominium21Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo13001 and aboveYes1[email protected]Undisclosed8/24/2023
Other11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo1Between 1001 and 2000Yes12[email protected]Undisclosed8/14/2023
Room11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo1Between 0 and 500Yes4[email protected]Undisclosed8/20/2023
Room13Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes1Between 0 and 500Yes4[email protected]UndisclosedDogs only (no birds, cats or reptiles) Non-smoking. Will need own vehicle (15 miles outside Hilo)8/14/2023
Room21Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes1Between 0 and 500Yes2[email protected]614-571-30698/17/2023
Room11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo1Between 501 and 1000Yes>12[email protected]808-987-1580 9/18/2023
Room11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo1Between 501 and 1000Yes>12[email protected]UndisclosedRoom is offered for $700 all utilities included with possible max of 10 hours per month yardwork. 9/1/2023
Room11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo4Between 501 and 1000Yes6[email protected]Undisclosed8/28/2023
Room11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes1Between 501 and 1000Yes6[email protected]520-591-35248/14/2023
Room42Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo4Between 501 and 1000Yes>12[email protected]808-482-13118/19/2023
Room11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes6[email protected]808-345-2461Shared home with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom available through Sept. 30, 2023. Property is located 4-5 miles south of town so tenant will need to arrange for transportation as needed. Rent is between $1,500 - $2,000 per month.
Room22Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo3Between 2001 and 3000Yes3[email protected]Undisclosed8/15/2023
Single Family Home11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes1Between 0 and 500Yes3[email protected]808-885-9744Guest room in home and has double/full size bed and the bathroom is shared. This is a rural area on the Hāmāku'a coast on Hawai'i Island.8/15/2023
Single Family Home11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes1Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]Undisclosed8/14/2023
Single Family Home22Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo1Between 0 and 500Yes4[email protected]UndisclosedHouse is best for a small family and in good Ha’aheo School district, walking distance. No pets allowed.
Unit is available now until May 25, 2024
Single Family Home22Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes2Between 0 and 500Yes2[email protected]206-499-96938/24/2023
Single Family Home22Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo2Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]UndisclosedShared 3BR house with owner + 3 dogs. Dogs may not do well with small children. Living arrangements are best suited for 1-2 adults on an emergency/1 month temporary basis. Owner does not intend to charge rent. Parking stalls are on the front lawn in the grass. Hot water is solar charged. 8/18/2023
Single Family Home21Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes3Between 0 and 500Yes3[email protected]808-756-1835Text owner at phone number.
House is off grid. Power is good. Internet is good. County water. Hot shower. House is pretty rough around the edges. Two covered outdoor flushing toilets.- usually serves as a work, traders, house, and they recently departed.
Single Family Home31Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo1Between 0 and 500No3[email protected]UndisclosedOne bed in a calm and quiet home. Shared bath. Vegetarian and nonsmoking household.8/21/2023
Single Family Home33Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes4Between 0 and 500Yes<1[email protected]UndisclosedAlso contact at [email protected]
Single Family Home21Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes5+Between 501 and 1000Yes>12[email protected]Dwelling is more like a large studio that can house up to 7 people positioned on 3 acres of land. It's approximately 1000 sq ft. Utilities are solar powered so may need to use a generator on less sunny days. Internet connectivity is good. Connecting road is unpaved. 8/21/2023
Single Family Home22Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo1Between 501 and 1000Yes>12[email protected]808-854-77048/18/2023
Single Family Home33Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes5+Between 501 and 1000Yes>12[email protected]UndisclosedLarge property suitable for families. Dog kennels available.8/15/2023
Single Family Home21Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes4Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected] 808-987-7540 Fully furnished, pet friendly9/1/2023
Single Family Home21Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo2Between 1001 and 2000No12[email protected]808-430-1240I’m a teacher and would like to help any displaced families or individuals affected by the wildfires. My heart goes out to all of the families affected by this tragedy. I recently bought a home that is a duplex that is need of repairs and would need monetary help in order make it livable. 8/13/2023
Single Family Home21Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes2Between 1001 and 2000Yes3[email protected]617-470-35878/14/2023
Single Family Home34+Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes2Between 1001 and 2000Yes3[email protected]Undisclosed10/1/2023
Single Family Home33Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes4Between 1001 and 2000No>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/16/2023
Single Family Home32Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo2Between 1001 and 2000No2[email protected]UndisclosedProperty available until the end of October. Please email property owner for contact #. There is a 4 hour time difference ahead of Hawaii time zone.8/14/2023
Single Family Home11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes2Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]Undisclosed1 covered parking stall, 1 uncovered parking stall, both on the property. Duration of rental agreement is flexible. $2,250 is the monthly rent with utilities included. 9/15/2023
Single Family Home21Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo4Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/25/2023
Single Family Home22Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo3Between 2001 and 3000No12[email protected]UndisclosedCatchment water system.8/27/2023
Single Family Home22Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo4Between 2001 and 3000Yes6[email protected]808-854-0574This is a two unit dwelling, on a private coffee farm in Kealakekua. Both units are 1 bdr/1bath and connected by a grassy court yard. It is private two acres.10/1/2023
Single Family Home21Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes3[email protected] Undisclosed8/15/2023
Single Family Home32Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes4Between 2001 and 3000Yes12[email protected] Undisclosed8/23/2023
Single Family Home32Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo2Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]Undisclosed9/1/2023
Single Family Home32Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes2Between 2001 and 3000No12[email protected]UndisclosedLocated in Hilo. Asking rent is between $2,600 and $3,000. Short-term occupancy available8/15/2023
Single Family Home32Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes3Between 2001 and 3000No>12[email protected]520-891-5726Property is listed on Zillow and can be applied for on the website.9/1/2023
Single Family Home23Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes33001 and aboveYes12[email protected]907-320-0136Flexible with the length of stay.8/26/2023
Single Family Home21Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes5+3001 and aboveNo6[email protected]UndisclosedSingle family home on farm property in Ka'u. Vehicle needed to drive to either Kona or Hilo.8/15/2023
Single Family Home32Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo33001 and aboveYes2[email protected]360-921-94358/24/2023
Single Family Home32Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes23001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]UndisclosedPets are on a per approval basis, yard is not fenced. Water is catchment (double filtered) but renter to determine potability for drinking (standard terms for a Puna district rental). Electrical up to $350/bill covered. Overage to be paid by tenant due on 1st of the month. No AC units to be installed without approval.8/14/2023
Single Family Home44+Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo23001 and aboveYes4[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished8/21/2023
Single Family Home53Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo5+3001 and aboveYes3[email protected]Undisclosed1 king bed, 4 queens, and 4 twin beds. 3 full baths. 1 large dining area, 2 small dining areas. Can accommodate a family of 14.9/5/2023
Vacation Rental22Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo1Between 0 and 500Yes<1[email protected]UndisclosedShort-term availability from Sept. 23-30. Maximum 4 adults/children, possible accommodation for a 5th person that is 3 years old or under. Prefer to rent to a family. 9/23/2023
Vacation Rental6+2Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes3Between 0 and 500Yes<1[email protected]UndisclosedHouse is available from 8/19 through 8/298/19/2023
Vacation Rental21Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes2Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]808-989-5050This property has two detached units; one is two bedroom one bath the other is one bedroom one bath.8/15/2023
Vacation Rental21Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo2Between 2001 and 3000Yes7[email protected]808-397-88568/21/2023
Vacation Rental22Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo4Between 2001 and 3000Yes1[email protected]Undisclosed8/15/2023
Vacation Rental21Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo1Between 2001 and 3000Yes<1[email protected]808-799-00219/3/2023
Vacation Rental23Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes3Between 2001 and 3000Yes12[email protected]817-209-92189/2/2023
Vacation Rental32Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes1Between 2001 and 3000No4[email protected]808-640-5922Unit is available until Nov 15. I live onsite in the little ohana so we will be neighbors.8/15/2023
Vacation Rental42Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandYes4Between 2001 and 3000Yes2[email protected]Undisclosed8/20/2023
Vacation Rental11Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo13001 and aboveYes4[email protected]253-380-4337The place has its own entrance, covered patio, 1 huge bedroom. Newly renovated and new furnitures. Kitchen tools provided. 8/31/2023
Vacation Rental22Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo5+3001 and aboveYes7[email protected]808-345-553410/1/2023
Vacation Rental21Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo23001 and aboveYes4[email protected]UndisclosedIt is a 2 bed, 1 bath cottage on 1/4 acre lot across the street from the ocean in Puako on the Big Island about 30 minutes north of Kona.8/16/2023
Vacation Rental22Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo23001 and aboveYes12[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished8/15/2023
Vacation Rental43Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo13001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]808-344-7412 texting is best8/16/2023
Vacation Rental53Hawaiʻi IslandHawaii IslandNo5+3001 and aboveNo4[email protected]UndisclosedProperty is large enough to sleep 15+ individuals or larger families. Please text first homeowner if interested. Response time is within the hour. 8/21/2023
Single Family Home11OtherHawaii IslandYes1Between 501 and 1000No3[email protected]UndisclosedNo kitchen/1 mini frig,1 bedroom/1 bath (downstairs) in a rural area/30 mins to Hilo.9/1/2023
Vacation Rental11OtherHawaii IslandNo2Between 1001 and 2000Yes1[email protected]UndisclosedTo view property: https://airbnb.com/h/hawaii-private-luxury-yurt-glamping

Glenwood/Fern Forest; will need transportation (about 30 mins from Keaau; Unit separate from owner's house on 3 acres; best for 2 will sleep 4 max; 1 QN bed and 1 sleeper sofa; many amenities; all utils included: internet, washer and dryer, small fridge, microwave, power, water, heat. Has shower, large lanai, induction hotplates with cookware and BBQ grill, no oven.
Accessory Dwelling Unit11KauaʻiKauaiNo13001 and aboveYes6[email protected]UndisclosedHouse available, may be suitable for small family.8/25/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11KauaʻiKauaiNo1Between 0 and 500Yes2[email protected]Undisclosed8/21/2023
Single Family Home33KauaʻiKauaiNo33001 and aboveYes6[email protected]808-635-6638If shorter lease is desired, please discuss directly with owner. 8/29/2023
Single Family Home33KauaʻiKauaiYes23001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]Undisclosed8/26/2023
Single Family Home43KauaʻiKauaiNo23001 and aboveNo>12[email protected]Undisclosed10/1/2023
Single Family Home32OtherKauaiNo33001 and aboveYes7[email protected]619-838-6654House located in Koloa, Kauai. Available Nov 1.11/1/2023
Apartment22OtherOut of StateYes13001 and aboveYes12[email protected]916-693-76028/18/2023
Apartment33OtherOut of StateYes13001 and aboveYes12[email protected]916-693-76028/18/2023
Apartment32OtherOut of StateYes13001 and aboveYes12[email protected]916-693-76028/18/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit11OtherOut of StateNo2Between 2001 and 3000Yes1[email protected]360-921-94358/25/2023
Attached Dwelling Unit32OtherOut of StateYes03001 and aboveYes12[email protected]267-683-38748/28/2023
Room11OtherOut of StateNo2Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]Undisclosed400 sq ft en suite private KingSize room with bath Large closet TV and dining area for 1-2 people in safe quiet neighborhood in Long Beach, private entrance.9/3/2023
Single Family Home11OtherOut of StateNo2Between 0 and 500Yes12[email protected]360-485-2078I have a spare bedroom. Shared bathroom. Can only take a couple. $0 rent. Just want to help. Will include food as we are farmers. Property has dogs and cats.8/22/2023
Single Family Home21OtherOut of StateNo2Between 0 and 500Yes12[email protected]630-886-38602 bedrooms and 1 bathroom available in a house. Pickup from airport may be available.9/1/2023
Single Family Home21OtherOut of StateYes2Between 501 and 1000Yes4Deleomitchell@ yahoo.comUndisclosedThis is in the country, very private.8/21/2023
Single Family Home21OtherOut of StateYes5+Between 1001 and 2000Yes>12[email protected]919 815 55768/28/2023
Single Family Home31OtherOut of StateYes3Between 1001 and 2000No>12[email protected]937-760-66561/10/2024
Single Family Home43OtherOut of StateYes0Between 1001 and 2000Yes1[email protected]917-291-0346Guesthouse in New Orleans LA. Available until Oct 1.9/1/2023
Single Family Home32OtherOut of StateYes5+Between 2001 and 3000Yes>12[email protected]UndisclosedFully furnished house ready to rent, northern california (Redding area) - 3 Bd, 2 Bath, private area, personal gym attached, formerly a long-term furnished rental. Good location for family needing a 'break' from Hawaii during this time. The house is about 2009 sq ft with wifi access. Unit pictures can be viewed on zillow. 8/25/2023
Single Family Home44+OtherOut of StateNo5+3001 and aboveYes>12[email protected]347-513-87229/1/2023
Vacation Rental22OtherOut of StateNo2Between 2001 and 3000Yes6[email protected]714-478-46539/1/2023
Room11Out of StateOut of StateNo1Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]310-266-0366Ocean view home in Malibu to share. Up to 4 weeks. Just one person. free. My home burned down 5 years ago. I rebuilt. I am a former resident of Lahaina.9/1/2023
Single Family Home11Out of StateOut of StateNo1Between 0 and 500Yes1[email protected]UndisclosedUnit is located in the San Francisco Bay area. Offering a bedroom in a house for a single female. Furnished.8/16/2023