Consolidated Application for Financing

Rental Housing Revolving Fund Tier 2 Application 

The Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation (HHFDC) has up to $150,000,000 in Rental Housing Revolving Funds (RHRF) available for eligible RHRF loans pursuant to Act 236 (SLH 2022) and Section 201H-202 of the Hawaii Revised Statues.

These funds are available only for mixed-income rental projects for individuals and families with incomes above sixty and at or below one hundred per cent of the median family income for the State of Hawaii.

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The Final Applicant List for Rental Housing Revolving Fund (RHRF) Tier 2 Moderate Income Funding Program Funding for Mixed Income Projects is here



A Consolidated Application is available for parties interested in applying for financing from the following programs for the development of affordable housing in the State of Hawaii:

  • Dwelling Unit Revolving Fund
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit
  • Rental Housing Revolving Fund
  • Hula Mae-Multi Family Bond

Please refer to the respective program sections for information regarding program requirements and deadlines.